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  1. I changed my mind, i've decided to stay this Rose as guildless
  2. Name/Nickname (optional): Rooky IGN: RookyClass: Storm TrooperMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild (if you were in one before):noneGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): Will equip some heroic gear at level 90.Timezone: Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT+2)About you (optional): I'm kinda new to Void Elsword, joined just before new year with my Eve! Though i no longer plan on playing her, so i decided to main this Rose.Why did you decide to join this Guild?: I needed a PvE guild for my Rose to exp her to 99 and enjoy playing the game with others at 99!
  3. Rooky


    Hi, i've arrived to Void today and made my Eve! She's currently level 71 and i'm having trouble levelling on SDs because nobody is queueing so if anyone can help that would be appreciated~ IGN: Miggie Nice to meet you all!
  4. Rooky

    [Triad] guild closed

    Bump! Also we're on the HOT GUILDS! (the 4th one)
  5. Rooky

    New title for IB?

    Should've read the post.
  6. Rooky

    New title for IB?

    Hey, so i have a suggestion to add for the ice burners. It would be this really nice title It's probably as good as Race! Go! (or better) The really good thing about this title is the +10% Attack and All Elements Resistance +100 which makes this title a good one. The speeds could help too, and max HP +20% would make your character a lot tankier than before. I know void can make temporary titles like this into permament, by making a new one which looks the same exact but different name. The stats could also be changed if you guys have any ideas! However i think the title should have only stats for dungeons, because this would break PvP I also made a poll so you can vote there or in the comments below!
  7. Rooky

    [Triad] guild closed

    Yes, you can join the discord. You can also do a introduction there if you want to! There's a specific channel for that.
  8. Rooky

    [Triad] guild closed

    Hmmm, what do you mean you want to join as a guest? In our guild or discord?
  9. Rooky

    [Triad] guild closed

    The guild is closed. Lamyniel officially announced it on the #announcements discord channel. But before anyone read that, she kicked everyone and deleted the server. I was fortunate enough to read it, because i was online! I was a member of the guild. With my eve. IGN: Miggie if you want to add This has been a good guild, guys. R>Lock @Structure @Xera
  10. Rooky

    Worst bravery skill.

    2,967% Physical Damage (Only 736% in PvP) Has a similar skill at lvl 95 which is 22 sec cooldown but 0 mp and 22,932% Physical Damage Not that big range 23 Hits to feed MP to enemies in pvp 300 MP cost 19 second cooldown yep, seems like it. even the force is way better in terms of damage