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    Gazing @ the stars ❤
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    WHAT did some one say sailor moon? hahaha i don't like sailor moon :blobsweat: -
    I like too many things, i don't think i'd have enough room to put everything X3

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  1. Lilally

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    OMG snip i thought this was spam thread WOOPS XD
  2. Lilally

    Salut (hi) all!

    Hello.. everyone! I'm not exactly "new" to the game but i am to these forums! I decided to become more active in the community (or try at least) and explore a bit, who knows maybe a friend opportunity will approach mee I joined Elsword about 1 year ago and i'm still loving it surprise surprisee, I also just got done making my horrible or not so horrible cover photo totally not a sailor moon fan btw! anywaaay i hope you are all having a good year so far i ammmm Oh it's time for me to go to school but i'll read everything if anyone posts!