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  1. Ah alright! That's fine I just wanted to have an idea of how the update schedule is compared to the US version is all! I mainly play Add or Ain so Laby being playable or not isnt a big deal breaker
  2. Thank you! I was just wondering if the new character that just came out in the US is also out in Void? Laby I believe is her name?
  3. Hello, I've actually played a bunch of the original Elsword, in fact I played some of it a few weeks ago. However, I quickly noticed how quiet the game was and just sort of lost interest. One of my favorite aspects of the game was that, there was always people doing dungeons or other things and it was just fun to see the animations go off either from my character or for anothers. So, when that wasn't a thing anymore I dropped Elsword. Yet when I learned of Void I quickly jumped on and wanted to see what it is about!