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  1. I'm not too sure on Sariel's spot (probably because i haven't been crushed by one). Can you justify why she is God Tier? instead of maybe S? Would like to hear your opinion :]
  2. As bad as RM is considered i'd really like EtW overall damage toned down, it's sad seeing someone deal almost double my damage with half my cp :c
  3. I'm happy that we're even getting 800% Exp alone lol. I mean if you get 3 out of 4 buffs that you wanted, why complain about not getting the last one? Though then again 100% Random Mission buff would've aligned this event perfectly for ERP Grinding.
  4. Spiritual Dragon isn't bad at all, it's kind of her core to be honest. Falling Dragon is good but its damage isn't as much as i want it to be, it's still nowhere NEAR the worst bravery skill. I can find a few situations where i could use this
  5. She's very fun to play and has quite the unique play style herself but to play against... well not exactly fun aha. Her kit in general (especially Minerva's) is very toxic to play against in pvp and her skill set can be abused due to the rediculous range and in some cases mobility. Her x spam just guarantees her so much safety and she has easy access to luxury ECP skills (backstep iframe, blazing bullet, chain powder, headshot, rising shot, + homing skills such as viper shot and flash grenade) vs the characters who really need to spend mana just to do damage and she has one of the best command attacks in the game, easy x spam cheese and sliced ham. Not only that but it seems 3/4 roses perform pretty well in pvp (even Prime Operator isn't so bad). I think 90% of the time people just hate her in pvp, she's very easy and rewarding to play but people dont really look into the fact that she's squishy and can be caught pretty easily. The only reason to hate her in pve is the lag that Prime Operator has and that's about it. Some people dont like her because she's not an original character and doesn't fit in with the story but i don't really care about Elsword's lore i just want to enjoy playing the character anyway.
  6. It's very accessible in comparison to NA especially as a F2P player (I dont even know if i should be using NA as a comparison at this point, it's just that bad lmao). Some prices can be a bit wonky and a little inflated due to demand such as IB though i guess that's expected; for the most part it's very generous. The only thing that is a bit of place are the price ranges of el tears (Example: price ranges between 36% Skill Damage vs 40% Skill Damage) that stuff literally goes a little over double price for such a small stat difference but i guess the same effect applies in NA since it is crossing from an elite to unique tear status, except the price is much more absurd. Another issue is the quantity and availability of items but i manage to get through it anyway or at least be a little patient, i guess it still sucks if you want a very specific limited/rare item that will almost never appear on the board.
  7. I see a lot of fairly decent bravery skills @ _ @ Though i guess they're not that gud.... In my opinion this has to be one of the worst (at least from ones that i'm aware of):
  8. An elsword event which replaces my schedule on curling into a ball and crying for the rest of the day... sounds lovely!
  9. Sounds really cool but I'm not sure how it can be implemented without some repetition going on (like a stage refresh after round 25 but an increased stat or a modifier so that they're tankier and deal more damage) since it is impossible to make unique stages for each level and even then it seems like kind of a mess to maintain and manage without at least some bugs, round scaling issues or lag. I guess henir could be used as some sort of template but with endless rounds if that's the idea you're going for. I'm pretty sure henir is eventually getting reworked anyway (hopefully something good since endless henir rounds sound really cool). Though this is a great event for end game players it could be a hassle for newer and low geared players assuming it's a solo dungeon
  10. i dont really approve of that idea then, i dont think an end game weapon such as void weapon should be an easy access purchase for like 20 ~ 30 mil (which everyone can afford super easy)
  11. Unfortunately, if this was to happen then it would make end game too easy. I dont think it will be too long until void weap prices on the board get lowered to the point where you're pretty much better off buying it rather than grinding for it (As most people would end up selling it for a tasty price rather than dismantling it) which pretty much ruins the whole presence of add dungeon in the first place. Add dungeon is pretty simple to clear after getting use to it despite the fact that it does take quite a while to clear and obtain a weap for undergeared players. If void weapon was made tradeable this would also prompt people to make the demonic weapon also tradeable sometime later (though i guess this is still a little unlikely since it's MUCH easier to get spare void cube drops). This idea is still cool since i have spare void cubes that i would like to donate to friends but it's not happening for me, sorry -1
  12. Hello~ I've recently joined Void for a little over a month after quitting NA for a year. So far things have been good! except for how isolated it feels sometimes (especially after the Frost Maiden event ended). I'm a starving elboi and a Rune Master main who cant seem to properly z/x combo in PvP (but that's ok since people generally eat my hp like a snickers bar during most matches) and i barely manage through PvE :D varnimyr dungeons make me cri Add me please, i seriously friends qmq : IGN: Explosion (caps i instead of l)