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  1. Your Name: Potatters IGN: Aetryx Main or Alt?: Current main (?) (i havent decided on a main.. still kinda new but will be on this char mostly i think) Age & Timezone (optional): some years between 2 and 0. PST... which is -8gmt? i think? time is a construct x.x About you: more or less new to void? played a little a few months ago.. just got back and still completely n0bbish Why would cha like to join?: you guys seem fun :3.. and i r lonely
  2. IGN: EthyrName or Nickname: EthyrGender: MTime Zone: GMT -8Age*: mid 20sAbout Yourself*: Suuuper new to void :D. Looking for some fun peeps to show me around :3
  3. Recently had the weirdest urge to get back into elsword again. I tried getting onto the official server where I had a bunch of level 80 chars only to find that I've since been hacked and pretty much cant get in haha. I remembered some people talking about Void from a few years back, so I decided to check it out :D. Looks great so far. Can't decide on a main for the life of me :).