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  1. hi mom

    1. Araikari



      when did i have a child!? ∑(゚ロ゚')

  2. shit just got real

  3. time to make a new start with my Ara *^*)9

  4. this launcher problem really starts to give me a cancer =~=)

  5. well, my friends told me to play on this server. that's why i play here =w= anyway thanks everyone. aaannnndd.... forgot to mention, i'm looking for a friendly Guild... have some recommendation? =w=
  6. lol, thanks. nice to meet you~ Yaharo~. nice to meet you. >w<) /
  7. Hello everyone. i've been played on this server for a bit. i think i should introduce myself and say Hello to everyone on this forum Anyway i'm from Indonesian Elsword Server. i've been played Elsword for about 1 and half years (i think). everyone on Indonesian Server usually call me Rie or Rai. you can call me whatever you want as long it's not something bad :3. currently i have 3 Character. - Araikari (Ara) - Araikaru (Raven) - Arenka (Elesis) Nice too meet you everyone >w<) /