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  1. I don't understand why the reward cubes from raids gives only 1 piece of stone, like really that's all we get? XD I'm suggesting if we can increase the amount of stones in the cubes, like 5-10? It's a big help for non raiders, and besides it's a reward, rewards should be awesome. Well I'm just suggesting if we can if no it's alright. Thanks guys! ≧ω≦
  2. I'm not asking when I'm just asking if we get the same things as other official servers but thanks anyways. Take care guys
  3. Do void get the same events and updates like KR and other official servers. I'm just curious if we will get the same reboot event like KR.
  4. Xavage


    Can we have golden seals on Labby's 3rd Path Release? Noot! noot!
  5. Xavage


    Can we have Seals please! On the next event?