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  1. Thank you guys :3 sorry for the delay
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome :3
  3. Yes, I'm online
  4. When you have multiple characters, it makes things extremely easy. I think it would be better to increase the amount of daily trips and make the cube shareable
  5. IGN: FraisineMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild: HangoverReason for wanting to join: Fly fly up upPreferred time for recruitment (with timezone): 8PM PST
  6. Thank you, areku. I will :3
  7. Thank you guy, I really apreciate this
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome
  9. Thank you guys, I really appreciate this
  10. Hello, I'm new in the void and I intend to spend some time with you, I hope you receive me well and that I can make some friends. My IGN is the same as the forum, so feel free to send me friendship requests