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  1. I've only understood "anal" and connectivity problems, may I provide further help? Contact Support.
  2. Didn't they buy the rights to use the game and its updates, then they get the events code and etc from main?
  3. Don't they know how to code? Rip Void. techniually problem if....... ?? You mean, if they try add anything they bug the whole game? That makes no sense in any game.
  4. You are hellahrude there, or careless idiot. They should (gain permission if they don't have it) post new content in-game.
  5. Already told you why it should not be possible, and if they make a good design then they won't lose it from reducing it, when you design you gotta take in mind what are you doing it for, that and to everything else. Pfp wasn't really made for that, and I would concentrate more on adding content to the game than to the forums, else what's the game forums for?
  6. Depends on how many people will expand it, but it would mean costs, and they are already lazy enough to make no events. Don't believe they will want to receive less money than they normally receive.
  7. That bump, get your ass ready.

  8. If you are willing to pay more to keep server up.
  9. 2dot6.equals(bugfixbugsandwedbuffornerfmorelaby3rd)
  10. Try getdata up2dot6 catch ex throw ________ | no ETA| ________ | ok btn| ________
  11. Unless they have a table list with all items info I doubt they would lose time with it. They might have it tho.
  12. Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!

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      So gay.

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      I love pink uwu ♥ pink for happiness ouo/ (at least in my eyes) ♥

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      rip eyes :Amatsuki_Sad: