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  1. Yeah but its changed, like I said joulian had to change it so I meannnnn, its whatever now he did just change it lol, but yesyesyes it's an all tourney now
  2. Oh yah, I think joulian still needs to remove that since he decided to make it an all tournament that's why I also signed up xd
  3. Lol, "newbies are allowed" is an encouragement, your logic of "omg what if theres players pretending to be bad" and all that crap just doesnt fit into what's actually this tournament about, like I said it's an encouragement because even those newbies that join can still get a 5m prize, good people can also join which is most likely, it's not a tourney of just bad vs bad it's literally anyone vs anyone whether bad or good lol
  4. That's not the case, it's a tournament, you register, join and fight, the rules are pretty clear the other indications are to encourage newbies to also join so yes you can join
  5. IGN: OrifieI Class: CS Guild: Lurensia
  6. Honestly, as a former sariel main, I've mained CBS from season 2 to this point. There are certain Sariels in arena who are extremely typical and rely on pretty much every cheap utility they have in their skill slot which technically are; freeze frames, taser, mod electronic move, as well as just running around and making use of that annoying mobility passive. I got to SSS every season with my sariel, I just changed to CU since I had to debate whether I wanna be in the cheap squad or in the squad that requires brain cells (sounds corny af amiright) , but really, Sariel is extremely fun in pve but shes genuinely overused, overrated and at this point the most played eve class. There are of course more CS players in arena than you know, the ones who got up to high ranks are the ones who mainly have based themselves on the cheap utilities CS gets. Shes extremely easy to play. I liked her a lot in season 2 because that was when she needed a lot more braincells to play but now as shit changed, arena wise for CS= run around, freeze frames, taser, kugel freeze frame and hella mp gain. I class changed to CU, a lot more fun, harder but fun. And it pretty much doesnt matter about gear, the only con sariel has is that she feeds a ton of mana making the opponent mana break either way. But in conclusion I suppose most pve players on void tend to use her more than other characters in pve since shes pretty much a monster there lmao. Arena wise, just a bunch of vafflin wanna bes lol
  7. Bruh moment this needs an update
  8. I've been an eve for 4 years, only switched to elesis for 4 months and then got my account banned for no reason and then made a new acc and I'm still eve yeetus
  9. Void leveling is decent, only thing I personally dont like is the fact that devs confuse item drop rate with ed gain here lol
  10. Honestly I dont think that theres gonna be a lot of people wearing the next rainbow armour when it comes to void, that craps gonna take a hell of time to craft
  11. Where's the link to download the new version?