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  1. im soo happy ST coming for Laby players but in the patch it says "the set buffs may not be functionnal, it'll be fixed in future update" so the buffs about the set dont work atm ?
  2. want to test my power at new heni challenge......I cant wait !!! ( im weak so want to see if im able to do henir a.k.a 530k) It's barely been two hours. Sit back, relax and enjoy the with the rest of us.* XDDDD
  3. still nothing to download.....
  4. im not a NL specialist, but i would like to say go 48% flower garden for me its the best NL skill
  5. XD good luck for ur IDs !
  6. lol i havent finished my EtW tears yet ! need +10, shaviana ( where are u T_T ) and enh tears....
  7. quote me when we'll be able to download the update
  8. sorry but u know we love to hope for something cool not must 2.6 but even an event to get customizations just this will be cool
  9. the last QoL ( Quality of Life ) we got in NA but pretty much not many things more at all
  10. most of the time they says nothing about maintenance but who knows ? i know that when 2.5 comes out in the void desingner we got a laby and pink theme so
  11. i agree with u stab maintenance are published at maybe 2 hours before now and nothing at that time so thing something will happen today : 2.6 ? event ? IB ? ( but IB rot dont need that time its like the stab maintenance they are published earlier ) but we know nothing ( if its stab i'll cry all my tears and threw my laptop XD )
  12. IGN : Ellate Main or alt : Main Previous guild : Luminary Reason for join : I'm not in my place in my actual guild ( like 200+ ppl active when I log like. 10 ppl here ) so search for better timezone guild Preferred time for recruitment ( including time zone ) : UTC+2 WEDNESDAY : 12:00-15:00 ( not sure ) FRI. : 17:30 or 18:30 - 21:00 SAT. AND SUN. : 10:00-13:00
  13. Ok ty but we had a ancient floating Aisha in her staff ??!! It could be so cool
  14. Can u send me what u talk about ? Idk what's ponngo's hideout