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  1. If u want to farm the void weap u dont need all that effects ! Just a hr 25+ is enhough for me after all
  2. I dont know if your random mission give you 800%XP but actually for me notand if we dont have the 100% random mission it only means that the best way to ERP with these buffs is 11-3 because 11-3 never have random mission
  3. I prefer 800% XP than 100% mission but yes its bad that we have x2 add dungeon....
  4. Voting Duration: 4/5/19 up to 4/8/19 Winning Votes Duration: 4/8/19 up to 4/26/19 plz see the news......
  5. Okay ty for very fast answer !
  6. Yes i already ask a question like this but this time i want to which day for the winners display last time it was in which thread ?
  7. About the elrios idol raffle, When will the winners be display ? And can you, mods, prevent us in this topic when the winners will be uploaded ?
  8. i played 1st in EU and didnt find a char. to main..... then i switched to Void because it was More advanced then I was CrA main for a while..... After change to Richter and now EtW !!.....
  9. how can you farm sooo much puches ?!! i am not over 200 puches !
  10. The decision only remain about RAN and VOIDCM ( sorry bad english )
  11. Hello, As we know in the KR and NA we have a PvP rewamp which introduce RP ( RANK POINTS ). I think we will have this rewamp in the 2.6 and i'm asking if we can do a ranking with this RP SYSTEM in the forum ( maybe the top 10 higher RP or more ) that will be updated every week I think and to give a reward to the characters in the ladder ( or not if just for fun ) so tell your point of wiew for this idea ! Edit : and maybe ping the moderators for they see this idea