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  1. the difficulty was never an issue i actualy loved that they stepped up the game, but as stated back in the days you got what you worked for, i prefer to grind months for the desired gear than hoping on that rng to give you your beloved attack/attacked or what not
  2. Well after like 8 Years playing this game on different servers and playing on Void since the beginning i decided to finaly quit and focus on better games. Elsword took a turn thats just to retarded for me to even bother with anymore. Seeing the new Raids proof my point even more grinding yourself to death to even enter and than getting wrecked by a little emo child and his/her pet dragon. Maybe if one day Elsword makes a turn and decides to stop their bs, i will come back, but since nth changed since void wep and the rng shit got even worse i guess that will never happen. Have a fun time with the game as long as it lasts or your motivation lasts, but at this point its over for me see ya in other games maybe IGN Suchin
  3. will buy ur add AA wings

    1. Satusha


      every post ever said no breaking!

  4. Anyone wanna grind Suns halted Memory for titles and ERP? just add me IGN: GodVergessen LvL 99 AT Drake set wep+9
  5. Ikr. The Wiki is the first thing i always check, but this time no answer.
  6. Jokes on you cause the winter version is not listed.
  7. Which stat boosts does it give and what are the effects of his slash? Merry x mas from germany voidpeps
  8. Cant log in atm so i cant look up the prices by myself. would be cool is you can list me the pet prices for miho etc.
  9. Well good for you still got nth after 14 hours of waiting
  10. title says it all. tried to register an acc to play not for the forums and waited for some hours. used yahoo and gmail nth on both ends Edit: Yeah i checked the spam folders of both mail services.
  11. Just someone playing since the first week of Void xD
  12. not coming back for Rose i dont care about her maxed out 4 of them in KR i just take a look at other games after 6 Years of grinding but thanks for that aweful comment
  13. Gona leave this god awful server and game for now. Gona sell my shit the other day just to get some money if i decide to come back to this game. Sayonara Void and Famewhores