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  1. Blue laby promos would be really cool and then nisha could be pink +1
  2. Laby doesn't have one unfortunately
  3. I respect your's too but, +11 is end game. Not everyone should have it
  4. +11 isn't the max upgrade in official servers though, so they have to use enhancement stones for +11 > +12 > +13 and on. We only have one enhancement level that requires fluorites, so it makes sense that official servers have enhancement events since it's so much harder to get max gear there than it is here. I think things are fine the way they are, especially since our rates are already boosted by default.
  5. ur gay

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      u smell like fish

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      naw that's just you. close ur legs my dude

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      Sorry, im not a midget, thats your job to close your legs when you smell, FISHY

  6. KR gave tickets that would unlock pieces of an IB in magic wardrobe only. Is that what you mean?
  7. If you remember your account information, you can log into the front page of the website and reset the pin there. You don't really need your email I don't think. Idk whether staff will tell you the email associated with the account though. It's a bit of a weird situation. Here's where the login is:
  8. Ok but why couldn't you also fix the ereda exchange while you were doing this? I want to get a temp ereda hero necklace but can't because it's outdated.
  9. Gurohime

    Bring back IW

    Some Ib's haven't even been rerotated (psychic devil) i cry
  10. Okay so: For enhancement, you want to use Nauen or some other NPC to get your gear to +7, then use advanced enhancement via your blacksmithing profession + 1 mithril piece (pure white one) to try and get a super success that gives +3 enhancement to that +7, making it a +10. NEVER USE FLUORITE. You should wait to enhance till you're at least level 8 blacksmith, as the chance of success increases as you get higher. To level it up quick, you should use the anvil as much as you can. If you're impatient, go buy a few stacks of mithril stones (the ones that look like rocks with white spots). Enhance random pieces of armor at nauen to +4 then dismantle them. +4 is the BEST you can do because you don't want to use expensive mithril pieces for dismantling +6s, but trying to dismantle +5 gives you a CHANCE at a higher amount of EXP from dismantling. It can be lower or higher. +4 gives a set amount, so you're guaranteed a specific amount of experience from dismantling. tl:dr Enhancement: +7 at Nauen, then use mithril pieces for advanced enhancement. No fluorites, wait till level 8 blacksmith for this for higher chance at success. Leveling: Use anvil as much as possible. Advance dismantle +4 gear.
  11. lol sorry about the mix up with the other person the reason why i argued with you was because i thought you were arguing in favor of the staff, saying that they were right, rather than giving examples of their point of view. i was never really heated, sorry if it was worded that way, but i'm going to defend my points in this thread because i hope for a change. it wasn't just for awareness, it's because i want a change. it's not really just to raise awareness though. i was hoping staff would catch wind of this and consider either adding something to the rules or allowing me to get the support i need. im not okay with just accepting it. my account is still prone.