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  1. Almond


    I applied <3 thank you again ;u;
  2. Almond


    I'll most likely have to apply! \TvT I'll do that tomorrow when I get the chance if that's okay? Glad to see you again Purrs hehe :D
  3. Almond


    ▼ IGN: Whimsey (EW) ▼ Main or Alt?: Alt(?/undecided) ▼ Why do you want to join?: I'm a returning player on Elsword, never bothered to socialize with a lot of people when I first played this server which is why I fell off a lot. It would be nice to play the game with the same people! ▼ Best time to invite you: Around the evening/morning!
  4. EW and Nisha most likely. Nisha's backstory really gets to me, honestly. It's probably my top reason why I'd love to make that class, but in general Laby is a fun character to use overall. Love me some mobility!
  5. @Vlanesca Thank you very much! I really appreciate it ;u; @Marisia @Nonemi Thank you guys for the tips too! I'll be sure to look at the guides-- I'm sure I'll be able to find something that's helpful to what I'm looking for. @BlackHand I would love that <3 I'll be sending you a friend request tomorrow once I'm on my desktop, I'm currently using my school laptop! Ahhh in general thank you guys very much for the welcome backs & tips!! It means a lot to me!
  6. Thank you~ I think I'll do that. My problem was that I would join guilds and feel too intimidated to talk, especially if it was one that had a lot of regulars. It made me feel out of place a lot of the times! >< @Sinnia@BlackHand Thank you guys for the warm welcome c:
  7. Ah, thank you! And thank you regardless too! Your signature gives me life. I love that video so much.
  8. Hello~ I'm a returning player who hasn't interacted much on the forum. I've always been back and forth with playing the game, mostly because I had no interactions with people and I'm hoping to change that this time! I haven't played the game in-depth ever since Add became a new character, what would you guys suggest for me to do as a returning player who has a lot of catching up to do? Hopefully this time I'll be more social :D