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  1. Yooooo! Welcome back! Definitely enjoy yourself while you're here, If theres anyone still thinking ill of you after all this time they probably just need some extra special attention to work out their own grievances. Also, Hi @RexieTyrana It's me Qamina!
  2. The Power of Friendship!~ (stability maintenance)
  3. I've always freaking loved chung and i'm never going to stop loving him All of his classes are just fun to me.
  4. This is quite literally a problem that occurs in EVERY freaking game. Shoot, It even occurs in REAL LIFE. EVERY DAY. In any free market, The price is just naturally regulated by Rates set by distributors and if the intended market is willing to purchase for said price. If no one thinks that its worth to buy for 7:100, then they aren't going to do it as liberally. If they find someone who just happens to sell the exact product for a cheaper price, then of course they will go for it. That's something that EVERY distributor has to be mindful of when selling. Which is why so many people regularly check market after they list an item to see if they have the cheapest listing or they have been undercut. Its just a matter of either you have whats considered better quality (in the game's case: better stat rolls) or you have whats cheaper. Which brings me to my question: Which maniac decided that the extra 1% between 2% Crit Dmg El Tears and 3% Crit Dmg El Tears was worth an extra like 50-80m?
  5. And I need adorable waifu to cherish but we muss waits
  6. AAAAAHHHH I can hardly hold my excitement to see my beloved in game.
  7. It literally patched in 2 mins for me... Life is good.
  8. Can't agree m8, Aisha and Laby are both beautiful in their own unique way.