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  1. Yeah, but when suddenly all officals would close down, Void would be a damn mess. I don't even think they got enough server capacity for that. Plus, no new content.
  2. Nisha because I didn't really like Eternity Winners gameplay and apparently everyone want's to play Radiant Soul. Plus she's edgy.
  3. Hey, I'm a returning player (played last time around 2015~ when the renewals came out). Was always a GA player since 2013, and I guess I will just stick to her even tho I don't know how good she is currently, hope she didn't get shred after the renewals. I will probably only play casually, and which server is better for that purpose than Void. Currently I'm still leveling up, but after that I will have a long long SD and Heroic grind ahead of me, so I'm looking for a nice PvE guild. owo Some other basic information, if someone cares for the guild purpose: