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  1. yo i just woke up with a massive bedhead but heck coughcoughcough haLLo, you have been accepted uwu. I'll get on rn to invite you if you're online, welcome to the family
  2. a day has passed bump time this is when you disregard precaution when joining a meme music vc :^))
  3. lol i'm gonna steal the next bump ily sant, time for an old one smol sant adventures will always be legendary totally not gonna mention how this was editted more than 10 times already because what even is formatting
  4. is it time to do my first bump yet actually ill just-- ya'll needa give some love to the old shitguildsays too
  5. [laughs in #your-dipshittery] hi i'm katsu from the AbsoluteStaffshits the knuckles one still makes me giggle like a lil school girl-