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  1. Void lets me play a lot more casually on a game that expects players to grind for things, and not a lot of MMORPGs let me do that. Lower board prices for everything really helps, too. Hearing the community make suggestions that actually get implemented in the game makes the experience feel more wholesome, like a team spirit sort of thing. The donation to EC ratio is definitely very much appreciated compared to NA's.
  2. I hate when lag spikes hit you because of the random party you're queued with in a platforming-heavy dungeon, like 12-2, and everyone else seems perfectly fine with getting to the next loading area. While I'm trying to deal with lag and falling down pitfalls, they're complaining about how slow I am. IT'S NOT MY FAULT LAG IS SLOWING ME DOWN! IF YA'LL WERE CLOSE TO MY TIMEZONE, I'D BE FINE! No, it's not because my laptop sucks. I've done dungeons with other random people who have better connections with me to the point that it almost feels like I'm soloing.