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  1. its 30 for your daily three runs and a quest that gives out other 30 for a total of 60. i already mentioned that and that it's probably silly because of this but also i already grind out on all of my alts everyday and its still personally not enough plus its a LOT more convenient to be able to easily craft in bulk whenever needed than to wait weeks to have enough energy to craft one stack
  2. just as the title says, im not sure if this has been suggested before (i think it has? im not sure) as a luciel main, corrupted potions are like a holy grail, as well as ara players due to the energy gain they get during the old henir it was really easy to be able to craft them in bulk due to simply being able to grind or buy the time & space crystals and trade them over to glave but ever since it's been removed and now demonic realm energy has been reduced to 60 units per character per day by playing gate of darkness i know most people will say suggesting an easier way to obtain these items is silly since i can just go on my alts and grind them up but personally, as someone who grinds and plays for almost the entire day i go through my potions insanely fast to the point the 60 dailies arent near enough (i legit had an entire stack two days ago and now im down to 500) with the restoration of the original time and space crystals during the elrios bae event i was able to stock up on them, but even still ive gone through multiple stacks of them already and the crystals are lacking again. there was a time where i just refused to use my corrupted potions to save them up and it completely screwed my personal gameplay over i don't have a specific idea of how this "easier way" would go on about- maybe they could be an exchange over at echo in elder for things like treasure hunting materials (silver coins are pretty damn useless unless you care about the exchange with stella in bethma, lets be real) another way would possibly be tweaking the result screen rewards from the current gate of darkness so that it always drops the demonic realm energy instead of only three times per day, just like they added the shells, idol items & the pepsi mp potion in add's fusion theory, but since it's currently locked to three times per server reset i'm not sure if it's entirely possible that, or that they somehow are able to implement the old time and space crystals to the results screen of henir i'm not entirely sure what everybody else thinks since these potions are only really important to two characters, but when i say they important theyre REALLY important so i'd personally really appreciate it if there was something that could be done about it
  3. you've always been very kind everytime i see you around in the forums. it's really sad to see you go but i hope that everything works out for you and that you're able to live your best ~ i know we never interacted much outside of a commission i made for you, but it was still nice see you on the flipside lylan, best of luck
  4. i've spent multiple billions of ed in only 6 months trying to +11 my void so like god PLEASE. fluorites are so expensive and people are so fucking greedy as of late with shaviana and laby the economy absolutely exploded; fluos used to be 7mil on board and now i need to be incredibly lucky to find them for 8-8.5mil. hell, one time i saw them go for 14mil creating enhancement events where attempts at +11ing gear are reduced to one fluorite would work wonders for a LOT of people who are unable to cash or depend on forum events for ec/spend their time grinding ed only to go broke in less than 10 attempts and also, i agree up there; at this point +11 is mandatory for varnimyr, not just raids. i have all +10 gear and its still hell. bosses like 12-4 and 12-8 take too much time because my damage output just isnt enough even with dps items, erp, head hunter and adaptation buffs tldr; +1 because it'd be a godsend to f2p
  5. my guild is very small but me and all my friends are in it! me and my datemate started it together back in january we mainly really use it to keep us and our alts together but it's fun to have a spot for ourselves sadly i think im the most active person out of everyone so most of the guild coins and items in the chest lately are all on me lol--
  6. HI i have a question about the current void's artist i'm drawing herrscher (again) but like. yknow how ain has two cut ins, one regular and one spiritualism? i kind of want to pull that off and draw a spiritualism version together with a regular main version, but im not sure how i'd go about it the rules say only one picture is allowed so in the case i do make a spiritualism form, would that only count as a bonus and not as part of my main entry?
  7. ign: agniratha edit: lines are under progress ~ previous wip(s) under the spoiler
  8. +1; i think it'd definitely make it easier for those of us who are f2p to sell stuff we don't want anymore but hangered it
  9. i honestly adore the promo costumes, and i'd love a way to be able to get them as f2p, but since they're already in the item mall im not sure if void staff would be willing to add them to naeun (;´・ω・) there were some item cubes that let you get 2nd job promos of every path though (but tbh i'd still love a way to have the 3rd job outfits outside of IM too...)
  10. hi, welcome!! i dont have much experience with ara and aisha, but as a luciel main i'm glad to tell you that they're probaby the cheapest character to fund and build since they technically have a double drop for ib's, and you only have to outfit one of them for stats (there's a little icon with their faces in their character menu in-game; clicking it allows you to switch between showing lu or ciel's stats, or making it change depending on who is active) as for class paths, innocent is great all around- they've got superb clearing skills and bossing, all in one ~ hope you enjoy your time around here!
  11. it's incredibly open to f2p- it gives you gear and weapons to get started, ib's are affordable (most of the time that is), cosmetics are affordable & cashing is not necessary to obtain them (i've only cashed in twice in my entire time playing), the events are incredibly fun and gives the players a reason to stay, etc. honestly if it wasn't because of how good the rewards in the events here are i wouldn't have been able to fund my luciel, period. plus it gives something fun to do when my friends are willing to play and hang out
  12. welcome to the forums! hope you enjoy your time around here ~
  13. hope you're enjoying your stay here in void!! sorry to hear about what happened, but hopefully you can make new and wonderful friends here!
  14. rena was my first; i went with grand archer. ara was my second; i was working to get to asura but in the end gave up and just left her as a little specter luciel was my third, except i didnt play 2nd line like i do now- i actually played dreadlord, i dont remember much about them though rip after that it was herrscher and when i moved to void where i went through a Lot more characters until i settled down on innocent