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    becoming broke spending all my ed on fluorites with no +11 void wep in sight

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  1. welcome to void and hope you have fun !!!
  2. welcome to void!! glad to hear you're having fun so far!
  3. >puts apsara in magical and bluhen in physical
  4. i just want an incentive to, yknow, actually do things. so yeah, an ongoing event would be pretty sweet
  5. aw man. see you on the flipside!! take care out there
  6. welcome to the forums and hope you have fun around here! as far as i've seen, everyone's pretty friendly so you should be good!!
  7. ooh, welcome to void!!! glad to hear that you're enjoying it so far (/・ω・)/ hopefully we'll bump into each other in-game!!
  8. welcome to void!!! hope you enjoy it also hell yeah kpop!! i dont know many groups but im head over heels for blackpink and dreamcatcher as of late
  9. is it ok if i ask what the reason for it was? =0 because for a little while i've been curious as to if this was possible and hearing it's not made me kinda sad, rip
  10. welcome to void!! hope you enjoy your time around here
  11. doing the void dungeon is definitely difficult if you're barely at the minimum cp requirement, but giving out a +10 void weapon even if it's really it isn't so hard to get at least 100k cp; what i personally do is just bull my way through the elrianode story until i get my full set, then just add random el tears for the complete set bonus; that already shoots you up to 120k cp, then just add the free lvl 25 heroic weapon (or a lvl 29 if you have one) and you're set. of course you still need to think up a strategy but it's really not that bad to become strong enough to even clear the dungeon getting the rng to be kind to you is ofc a different story but it doesnt take two weeks to grind a void weapon
  12. oh definitely, that's why i said it'd still be a hassle
  13. welcome to void!! as a fellow former NA player as well, hope you enjoy all of the stuff the server has to offer i luckily wasn't hit with the xingcode issue, but the constant disconnecting problems could be because of your location- if i remember correctly, the void servers are located in europe..?? im not entirely sure but it's not rare to get connection issues depending on your own wifi connection in general