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  1. ign: agniratha 30s Noire Lu first time participating in this event and...frankly the theme was a bit tough to think about lol most if not all of women's fashion from the 30s involves dresses which void doesn't have, so it did make this a little bit challenging to get together. Items used:
  2. tfw i fucking forgot to write down my ign and a title for my entry in the void photographer cuz my mom was nagging me its fixed now but oh my goddddd i have the attention span of a goldfish
  3. ign: agniratha My Wedding In The Sky me and my datemate have been absolute best friends for well over a year now they started playing void in january and ever since it's pretty much our go-to game to play together and as cheesy as it sounds, i brought up the idea of getting a new couple ring and "get married" again since we had completely switched mains over the course of a few months and in our previous characters we had just done it in our guild base and well, elysion is our favorite area. i've been in love with it even before moving to void and when stepping into it, it became theirs as well so here's the both of us, by the elysion tree we decided to do our little "wedding at" (/ω\)
  4. welcome to void (*'▽') !! hope you enjoy your stay and what the game has to offer!! for the character suggestions you're asking for, i'd say probably raven? i've never played him but as far as i can tell he's a pretty popular choice and can be incredibly powerful and fun to play with if learned correctly. if you'd like, there's a guides section in the forum main page that splits into several sub-categories for each character; there you can find all of raven's class paths with community-made guides for him to see what suits your interests best!
  5. hmm. innocent is already a pretty good name but honestly? if i could i'd change their name to Ethereal; no real meaning behind it, i just feel like it's a really pretty word that would fit their fancy, glowy aesthetic. as for their individual names, chevalier and ishtar already fill that quota so i won't be touching those
  6. it'd be pretty nifty to get an option to craft unique tears for times when no one's queueing elrianode/avoiding getting the stat/have a higher chance at rolling specific tears or skills in the color you need (i.e to avoid getting physical class tears on blue) the price to craft a tear is 100,000 ed and 100 of the necessary fragment powder. maybe amp it up to 300,000 or 500,000 ed + 300 powder? 250 powder could also work but in the end it depends on what everyone else thinks
  7. welcome to void!! hope you enjoy the game and what it has to offer! (∩´∀`)∩
  8. been there, done that. only ec spent were gifts from friends so i could buy cosmetics and bank storage. no matter what you want, you're gonna have to grind sadly
  9. i see, thanks! i kinda had a hunch but felt better asking, ty
  10. +1! the idols event was the first event in void where i actually got to participate (i used to hiatus....a lot). it also happened when i was starting out playing luciel and being able to get amulets off of the pouches + tons of recovery items and sages stones were what helped me settle on maining them. people say "rng sucks" and like, yeah, obviously it does, but tons of the items are incredibly helpful and if you dont want them you can easily sell them (the tradeable ones, at least)
  11. as edgy and silly as lyrical mayhem was, anyone have any idea of when will winners be announced? im kind of confused since there was no date and most of all naivety resigned
  12. welcome to the forums!! hope you enjoy your stay (∩´∀`)∩
  13. welcome to void!! i used to play herrscher and have played bluhen for a while; theyre both super fun!! my datemate mains richter and they also really like it, so in the end it's all a matter of preference and whatever playstyle you like the most. hope you enjoy your time here however!!!