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  1. I just realized we're supposed to make an introduction to the forums (unless it's completely optional, but still). Hi! My name is Orion! I've been playing Elsword since 2014 in NA, and migrated to Void in 2018. I main a few characters, namely Ain (Herrscher & Erbluhen Emotion), Eve (Code: Sariel), and Laby (Radiant Soul)! I'm F2P so I don't really have most of the big stuffs everyone else does (like IBs), but I still very much enjoy the game and thank the Void devs for making Elsword so much easier to play than NA ever did. I also like naming my characters after Xenoblade characters (all my mains except for Laby, to be precise). As of right now I'm working on grinding to get my Void weapon on Ain and Eve, and hopefully with a bit more work on my Laby's gear I should be able to at the very least do the Varnimyr story soon. Anyways I'm a bit shy still so I might be very quiet in the forums or even forget I have an account here, but I really love this game and I'm glad I'm not the only person who does =D