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  1. Marry me you little thing ❤️❤️

  2. do u even exist anymore kuru

    bless your wandering soul w/e u are


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    2. Ska


      very thanks to u 2

      I really wouldnt say it matters who I was, but if you fancy, I'm alfalfalfa aaa


      either way kuru, it's good to see you again, if you  need anything I'm always here, unless I die, then I may not be here, perhaps

    3. kurumii



      so good to see you again LOL it's been a long time

    4. Ska


      I want the divorce immediately


      but really I am super duper surprised you still around, how's everything there

  3. O-O howdy, just dropping by, was looking through some old posts and ran into one of your posts about lineage II


    how's life treating ya? all good?

    1. kurumii


      oh hello

      damn that's so old


      yeee im good, just realising that summer is ending and i have to get back to work ; (


    2. Ashless


      50-50 for the most part, had some good times in the past 2 days with a friend of mine but that's all.

      now am just wondering the forums looking for a prey to nag on.

  4. yesterday i panicked so much thinking the event would end before i get to use my denif crystals because i had 450 i crafted some stuff and had 300 more crystals left but i didnt have any money cause i was poor so i couldnt craft anything else i went on the forums to see when it ends and i sighed relieved cause it said including 7/14/17 so i thought i had time and today i wake up with no event and having 300 denif crystals wasted :smile: :gun: good prank void
  5. where are your followers

    1. kurumii


      i wanted to be your friend

  6. R7HAUwW.png?1

    1. Nepai


      yaaaaaas ! 

      i still have this saved on my laptop.. tysm for your elmo art--i love it. i love u.

  7. Haiii bae ❤❤

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    2. kurumii


      have you been doing okay?

    3. Asilea


      Ye. Surprisingly.

      How about you 

    4. kurumii


      i've been good '-'

      glad you're fine~

  8. daughter where have u gone..

  9. hello belle welcome back \o/
  10. kurumii


    hello and welcome to void i guess there are never enough add lovers in this world
  11. hello are you still alive

    1. Mizu


      yes i am hi kuru