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  1. Is playing in a VM banable? (such as quemu (Linux), Oracle VM (windows), Hyper V etc...)? For example if you want to farm with two characters in a dungeon, but you don't have a second PC. Can you carry the alt account in a VM, or is that banable?
  2. Yes, it's here
  3. that's mod pressure grenade, Minerva's only damage skill in PvP. MN isn't doing damage with her blazing bullet normals (yeah, they got nerfed again - rip blazing bullet). that's why she has pressure grenade to do a lot damage-
  4. what do you mean by this? you said "because that account just inevitably ends up trashed once you're unbanned" I dont really want to make a new account, because I will start from 0 and my main account is like 80b worth well, I feel like hardcore/geared players are affected by the mac blocks a lot. Atleast they get unbanned, even if it takes so long
  5. it's very frustrating, because there is an event going on right now, where you can get +10 amulets only for 300 shells which is nothing, since they usually cost 3,5b (+10 amulets) and people who have been banned unfairly can't farm them. Idm waiting on ban appeal when there is no event, but it's just extreme frustrating while there is an event going on
  6. Can you read what he said, or not? His thread is about removing the ban system, not about his ban. He also created a poll where you either can vote "yes" to remove it, or "no" to leave it alone as it is.
  7. doesn't makes any difference, hackers get banned anyways. +1 because I'm waiting since 2 days already and I don't wanna end like those people who wait 1-2 weeks or more. A good friend had to wait 2 months to get unbanned, but it was back then in the past when they were slower, he quit anyway so ... It's a shame that the system is banning people who are too good at PvE , I remember a guy who was banned 3 or 4 times, idk if it was bane or someone else, but they always unbanned him. He never got a compensation for the unfair bans ...
  8. I did elrianode dragon sanctum with Nova Imperator (used overheating a lot) and after I finnished the dng I was banned reason MAC Block #3 but I know a lot people who were banned for the same reason, because they did a dungeon too fast I guess next time I have to do them slower or I wont use overheating anymore
  9. Same happened to me 10 hours ago, I got banned for MAC Block #3 and still waiting for an answer in appeals... If you want to be 100% safe, just clear the dungeons slow, because the system bans people who are finnishing dngs too fast sometimes
  10. you dont have to vote if you dont like it c: yes, I love this dance, we need it
  11. no, because we already have enough emojis and there are tons of them. so -1 for this suggestion