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  1. it's funny how people think that RaS isn't broken, while she is, like all Labys. NL and EtW are just better than her in PvP, that's why noone plays her in PvP. but I would say: RaS > every other class which isn't a Laby class. RaS is just NL without summons
  2. you're wrong, because 5 people joined already and there will be more soon.
  3. There is a tourney soon on the 24th at 21:00 server time, if you haven't seen it yet.. #check that thread:
  4. @Skeptic it's not hard to organize tourneys. >Either way even tho no one wants to support you, i wish you good luck regardless. I don't think that's true, I have very helpful friends like @ArisuSama who helped me a lot with the tourney. Thanks! I do not care if people hate on me/ spread rumors about me, because all I want is to enjoy the game and let the haters gonna hate. It's not hard to ignore them. There are some EtW players who joined, but they prefer to play on a class which isn't a god tier, to make the tourney more fair. You can always join, because it doesn't matter if you play 1 year or more than 3 years, it says nothing about how experienced someone is.. some players are PvE only and join small tourneys like these.
  5. I wouldn't be so happy about this.. if the droprate was like 0,001% before then it doubles and will be 0,002% .. not much of a change.. lets hope that more people will get a +11 from the cubes anyway .. cuz I need two of them >:c
  6. u can make a tourney where I can't enter, but know what? I will join anyways on an alt. zzz base tourney sounds nice, but laby would be still broken there... compared to other base characters