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  1. @YasuriNanami I don't think it is a good idea to make it with random team mates, but I will give it a try. IGN: Joulian Class: Minerva
  2. Team Name: super cute girls IGN: Joulian Class: Minerva IGN: KamiRich Class: DayBreaker
  3. Woawh, that nice "About Me" introduction

    #Lylan best gurlĀ :Usagyuuun_Cheering::araWant:

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    2. Lylan


      What do you mean o: ?

    3. Raphtalie


      There was a friendslist like 3-4 years ago, idk, but now there is only the follow option xD

    4. Lylan


      ah, i see xD

  4. Aye Slothy @Sloth, nice to see you again. #Sloth da Add main
  5. Yes, 2v2 and 3v3 are pay to win, you need +10 elria armor with good tears and +11 void/foj weapon. Don't forget to pick a good PvP class like ETW (god tier imo). Maybe you could buy some unique force/passives like drain & illipa? 1v1 is less pay to win, because you can snowball your opponent to death if he isn't an ultra geared whale lord. Well, Void is the best server if you cannot cash. It has the cheapest prices on board.
  6. @Tillypuff @Wolfgang @Degenerate I'm not sure what is wrong with you guys, but I am not Inaste or Yamazuki or whatever you have called me on some discord servers. If someone plays Minerva in PvP then they are not Inaste. If someone says that they are a girl then they are not Yamazuki. And now stop derailing my thread further, thanks. @Areku @Squishy Ty, ik. Rena is nice imo btw, but speed is missing.
  7. I play this game for 4 months now and I guess it is time for an introduction. :D I'm a Rose/Eve player, mainly BlM, MN (Rose) and CS, CU (Eve). I'm 17 years old and a girl. I'm lazy as hell, don't expect much from me. I enjoy playing games, and schleeping. uwu Sometimes I watch Anime tho. Ask me if you have questions. ~
  8. Uhh yeah, if you're not a casher then it is really annoying to move stuff around, because you only have 8 spots left. Why not making the shared bank membership giftable?