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  1. I was banned while being innocent on this account, so Ive no intention anymore to stay good on this account, known as a "rulebreaker" and will stay anonymous on other forum accounts/discord etc all I say is, I feel bad for you if you got banned while being innocent/not breaking the rules, just because youre known that you did bad stuff in past I got banned because some people wanted to get me banned and some of them are close friends with GM Lilu and they made even a poll to get me banned Idm if you ban this account, to be honest, I dont expect anything here, goodbye Ive never seen such a sad treatment before
  2. if you didnt play since Rose, then you missed a lot. PvP is extreme different now, because everyone has more DEF/HP, they arent so squishy like in 2017 anymore. If you have a +11 and fight against a full geared +11, you cannot one combo them anymore. And +10 feels like a +8 against them. And they can get combination points of nowwhere and such, there are accessories who give your opponent higher KD. Yeah, thats all what Ill say, but PvP is much different now than in past.
  3. Dominator is still broken in 2v2/3v3 but weak in 1v1, unless they are geared and run for their HA. Yeah, CaT can oneshot and Ain has just good damage/defense. In 1v1 they arent a problem, but very annoying in 2v2/3v3 if theyre geared.
  4. Ain/Luciel werent nerfed enough, same with Add, atleast some classes of them. Thats why people see them 24/7 in PvP
  5. popular: dominator, luciel, ain not popular: everything what was nerfed to hell, anemos, metamorphy, aes, oz, and much other
  6. Ik, but Im not a 2v2/3v3 player anyway. 1v1 is best. I hope not, I wont trust my friends again and I wont break the rules.
  7. Heyyy wazzup girls and boys and no I am not new player, Im a veteran who loves to play Minerva in PvP. I got banned months ago, because I broke the rules and trusted a friend, but I made a new account. I enjoy PvP a lot and will go back to PvP when my gear is done, but it will take a while. Are there other Rose players here? Nice to meet you all again. xD