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  1. Cuz Void Some ppl have been grinding for months w/o luck
  2. 23379923_2036537876577471_58782849099664

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jochira


      no, get this away from me D:

      don't ever post that kinda shit again, @JeanneAlter... ewe

    3. robin


      blame saucenao for being a shitty traceback site

    4. Jochira
  3. oh wait
    KurtzPel is PvP-focused?
    sry man, i'm only into PvE
    man = KOG

    1. Kazemaki


      I don't understand the use of those over-sized weapons lol

  4. I was omw to flip my table when I saw all the Elder, Bethma and Hamel NPCs at Lanox XD

  5. What if Type-Hentai is secretly Pepsi-man's little brother and Nasod Inspector are they father and Maya they mother? And what if Add secretly created all the Nasods, Eve included?




    so I was listening to the planned Add dung OST... Atlas OST was my fav, but these instantly topped them due to my love for rock

    why was they never used? QWQ

    1. robin



      those tracks sound unironically badass

      they also lowkey fit closers

  7. which 3rd jobs are you the most hyped about?

    IS, DE and Asura here

    1. Kazemaki


      LK, BM, RS and DC i guess? but I'm gonna try everyone's 3rd job if they offer something different and not just recycled things.

  8. got .Hack//G.U. but no time to play it this weekend </3

  9. Idk if I should join Soul Workers PS or nah? Already got Elsword and Kritika (since Psion is out) and idk if a good idea to play more MMO since i'm also working XD 

    Also cuz of Closers

    1. robin


      just in case you decide to join

      the staff treat it as a very christian server

      to the point that i got a warning point Day One for using the word "nigga" in an image

      profanity is prohibited:tm:

    2. Jochira


      Well, as long as it's more or less same tier as most official servers so am I fine

  10. *hugs tightly* long time no see >w<

    just wondering if you got Discord owo/

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    2. Jochira


      ... that's not enough to add you, grill XD

      ♥ジョチラ (Jochira)♥Meow meow meow#5667

    3. Katari
    4. Jochira


      my Discord tag

  11. .w.

    they nerfed the MP gain from Vit

  12. NA just added a story difficulty for ppl that got less item lvl but wanna go on with story quests, so just give time and Void will get it too
  13. I would give Soul Workers a try if it wasn't for Gameforge 

    1. SugaSuga


      there's a private server version tho...

    2. Jochira


      yah, I got like work too so can't play too many online games XD

      already returned to Kritika for Psion and then we got Elsword NA and Closers

  14. If only you knew how tempted I am to use Photoshop to make an InfinitySword.exe creepypasta pic XD