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  1. IGN: Dinki What Item(s) you want: MR Hair Rose Reason: It's basically the last piece i need to complete my MR for Rose, so it would be nice to complete it. I got the combo thanks to a very special person, so it would be nice to get the last piece from someone that's about to leave, it sounds silly but it will feel like the set is a lot more special that way, like the soul of those who helped me get it will forever live in it haha. Also, i don't interact much with the community, but from the outside i can see why you may be tired of it. It's expected for it to wear you down at some point. But hopefully you don't go away with the bad taste of this community, and instead remember the good times you had while in it. That's it, farewell and best of lucks.
  2. I don't know you or met you before but i did read your story. As a person that at some point also turned back and saw the mess i had of a life and decided to change it, i can empathize with you a ton. I wish you the best of lucks on your quest to better yourself, i know it'll be hard for you at points but the first step already represents good progress. Hopefully in the future you can turn back at this trash game that many of us love so much and remember the good things that came out of it, then also look at the person you once were and be happy at the progress you've made. Farewell and good luck. IGN: Dinki What items do you want?: Alluring Rose (I'll provide seal if it's needed) Reason: It's for a costume i wanted to make for my Rose to make her look like a prince (Also because i don't play Eve nor Elesis, and i would find it distasteful to take something for either of those just to resell it).
  3. Oh, i can see the images just fine. Here are the raw imgur links though so you can check them out in there. https://imgur.com/ffr1C8n https://imgur.com/pzHb1O9 https://imgur.com/6fUDEJW https://imgur.com/QkTksHU
  4. While looking around for this hair i realized that, while Rose has both the Retro Costume Suit and the Retro Costume Weapon, she's the only character (Besides Ain, who doesn't have any of those on the IM) who doesn't have the Retro Costume Hair too on the IM. As you can see inside this spoiler, every character up to LuCiel has the Suit, the Weapon and the Hair, but Rose mysteriously doesn't have that hair.
  5. Tempest Burster with +10 Apocalypse Weapon, Stage 9. I could definately get it lower by a second or so if i play it better, but i could get it way lower if i tune out my super mediocre elrianode set and get more critical to consistently crit the bosses.
  6. Very nice person. Very trustable seller. Attentive, lovable, & careful, and for the cherry on top, my best friend. <3

  7. A moment of silence for all Cold Spark owners out there. Believe me i feel your pain.
  8. This pretty much. I don't do enough dmg to hennon to kill him super fast and still fuck up from time to time, so when i get 3 really under geared people in my party it does screw up the run. If i had more dmg i would happily carry them all they want and i still feel bad when i can't carry them but it would be nice if they were to put some effort on gearing up a bit more before queueing up or atleast come in with a class with strong buffing skills to help a little bit with the carrying. Also it's not like El Tower Defense, which was designed to be an end-game dungeon is the only place to farm money to get geared.
  9. Took me around 650 runs to get my weapon.... then 15 runs later it drops another one. It's true what they say, for some reason you tend to drop weapons more often when you already have one lol.
  10. If you ever fight someone that tries to do this, you'll understand the usefulness of it. Also, it's not about catching someone while the super armour is active, because anyone with half of a brain will run away from you when they see you used Stoic. i understand that it may seem like a newbie trap but it's not. it's something newbies like to use a lot for no reason in particular but that as they get better and better they begin to understand why it's useful. Then again i'm no expert so you don't have to believe what i say, that's just my opinion.
  11. I feel that's the biggest asset of it, as you start fighting more competent people they'll begin to go more and more for okis and will try to read or react to your get up options to get something out of it, like even in the low levels people will try to awaken as you get up to catch you again. being able to just bypass all of that is definately worth the extra 20 MP, hell, you can make it a 102 MP skill with one of the attribute so why not?.
  12. I feel you dude, lately i have noticed that PvE is so but so dumbed down currently that people have no need to learn anything. i mean i don't blame them, that's the game's fault but dam, people knocking down monsters left and right, launching them and shoving them all over the place. Like seriously it's 2016 and people STILL don't know that Berthe eats 300MP tier skills or that Magmanta has a hit threshold.
  13. Yeah i kinda figured it would be hard to do. i would settle with the ability to choose to not have Epic NPCs in Queue parties with 2 or less people though.
  14. So this is a huge issue i have had with Epic NPCs ever since they got implemented. they love to mindlessly launch everything making you miss skills and also love mindlessly knocking down monsters over and over again making it extremely hard to kill something that should've been dead a while ago. I am not sure if you guys are able to do this, but if so i would really appreciate it. those little guys have pissed me off enough lol.