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  1. Eve General - Increase movement speed and air dash duration in general, her "flight" not only covers less distance than other characters (Ara, Ain, Laby) movement gimmicks but is slower than them too with a much steeper learning curve. - Have double jump not cost a diagonal air dash - Make double jump less clunky Code Ultimate - Have Code: Recovery "Trick Key" either have a longer duration on its +3 diagonal air dash buff and/or decrease cooldown on the skill. - Have Code: Recovery "Trick Key" additional diagonal air dash buff apply to the first 10 seconds of Queen's Throne. - Make Queen's Flight movement buff stack with Queen's Throne movement buff. - Decrease casting time on all CU's Special Actives skills (focus on Extreme Cutter and Generate Black Hole). Drastically reduce Assault Spear - Judgement cast time and buff damage. - Give her a +30 MP increase (all I'm asking) and/or buff Queen of Vengeance MP gain when hit or change the skill completely, it gives peanuts even when you take off half your HP. Code Essencia - Have UI mechanic show the duration of summons similar to Tempest Buster's passives UI. - Stop making the summons aimlessly walk off cliffs please. - Make the ability to mark a target for summon priority not an active but maybe something Code: Recovery can do? It's a nc QoL thing that is hampered by the fact it costs a skill slot to do. Code Sariel - Buff 'X' command base range and give her better MP combos and increase attack speed on 'X' combos as well. - Have the ability to switch force fields in-between animations (like when KD, during skill animation, awakening ect.) As long as El Crystal Spectrum is up. (Obviously force field changes made mid skill animation that uses force fields doesn't change). - Buff the damage of her second Hyper Active Carbon Detonation, it's just inferior to Psychic Artillery in every way. despite the latter being the 'clearing' HA.
  2. Hey, just wanted to say a little hello as the new guy here though I've already been playing Void Elsword for about three days already and regular Elsword for about a month-ish, though there's still lots of stuff I don't know about yet. I just recently changed servers mostly due to the grind in regular Elsword being completely unbearable (have yet to get my 3rd Job, Trans Passives and Hyperactives) and decided to make the switch. Also feel like this board is a lot more active than the official one though that might just be me...