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  1. Hi Lordia / Nylonia, welcome back :)
  2. Welcome back elesis player for the win
  3. This... I had no choice, just accept to being kicked when someone is leeching a friend and I can not compete with their clear ability.
  4. Of course my dear friend, you will always be welcome in the community I hope you can have a lot of fun
  5. Hi Dev, and welcome :)
  6. Welcome back, 2013 is long time, enjoy
  7. welcome to the forum
  8. HiA1ka1i Welcome here and enjoy
  9. +1 why not? There are classes that need too much of mod skills and current prices are not noob friendly to say
  10. Welcome back :) that's a lot of time, I hope you have fun with the new changes
  11. Hi! Welcome back to the game :) Enjoy it and I hope you to have a lot of fun
  12. I always consider the kick system and the possibility that I find someone OP using Laby. Then there is nothing left to do rather than set hotkey with instant dmg skills. Also use Ventus' Winged Aura, Storm Apple and all weed available to make fast and furious...or pray for not being kicked
  13. There're many post about it I think EtW has the fastest animations, so you can one-shot whatever before anyone can do something But RS has a wider hitbox for clear, HP / MP sustain and a consistent DPS rotations If you have slots, then why not both?
  14. OMG that was insane really thank you ! like, bookmarked and suscribed