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  1. Are you talking about this thread? this thread does not address the kicking issue. It addresses the problems with the calling out and multiple guild threads. Speaking about the purge, yes I knew about it but you said that as long as I reacted to everything you said I had to in discord you wouldn't kick me. Yet, you did.
  2. Lylan, I honestly feel like you should apologize or at least provide an explanation to all the people you banned for no reason. If you thought I was a spy then you were wrong. I only wanted a community to join since I was new. You banned me because I "didn't connect enough" with the guild but you never taught me how I was supposed to "connect enough." And if you really want a small guild full of close friends, why do you keep recruiting? And if this was about asking for the drabaki wing, I was never trying to force you guys to give it to me, I just asked. If you declined, I would not have asked again. I'm speaking up about this because I honestly felt hurt by how I was treated. This was the first guild I joined... I don't mean to bother you, Lylan, but I don't feel satisfied with our last conversation and I feel that if I were to directly message you, you might block me. I understand there are plenty of good people in Fighters, but I am warning that if you are a sensitive person and do not like getting banned for seemingly no reason, don't join this guild.
  3. All of them honestly though I probably hate the solace the most since it takes forever to run because of falling off the edge and constantly being stunned + drained.
  4. Name/Nickname (optional): IGN: FoxTheFireClass: ShaktiMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild (if you were in one before): yes, but I didn't leave voluntarily. I was told there was a cleanup and they wanted a small guild among close friends or something :/ Gear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): HeroicTimezone: ESTAbout you (optional): I'm sorry if I'm awful at connecting to others. I often don't know what to say because I'm afraid I'll say something bad that'll make everyone hate me. I might not be the most chatty person and I'm sorry.Why did you decide to join this Guild?: It would be fantastic to be able to have a small community of people to chat with and stuff. I don't currently have a guild and this seems like it would be a nice place to be.
  5. The buff you get from hot springs. For some reason, whenever I go to hot springs on void, I can't get buffs :/.
  6. I know I'm probably echoing what everyone is saying but the pets and costumes are sooo pretty.
  7. Yeah... the kick system is done pretty badly in my opinion. In every single dungeon I've been with lvl 99 people while using underlevelled characters, I've gotten the kick warning. I've never been "leeching" before. Sure I'm bad but it doesn't mean the game should suggest I be kicked literally every time I try a dungeon :<
  8. Name: alkaliIGN(s) (character) : EdgyFoxTime zone: eastern north american About yourself (optional): I like shiny thingsAre you here to stay for a long time?: I'm not planning on changing guilds if I get in, and I'm not planning to quit VoidEls anytime soon, so I think the answer to this question is yes?What is your favorite school activity(optional):
  9. On my first pvp match I was literally matched against a lvl 99 SS
  10. Hello and Welcome! :D