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  1. Doraemon309


    Hello, you know pet would go best dungeon? (a pet only)
  2. Such as in the event have envent awarded 3rd class change?
  3. Doraemon309

    3rd Job

    I want to have a 3rd Job to change the class! I want to use is not purchased from the Item Mall
  4. Doraemon309


    Thanks you! To ask Vincent?
  5. Doraemon309


    Challenge henir best?
  6. Doraemon309


    Used to go to Fusion Energy Add's Theory?
  7. Doraemon309


    Blood Eater and Berthe Jr. is the best pet go dungeon?
  8. Weapons that have added temporary was the Magic wardrobe
  9. I find people selling ice burner in the board? No seller in it?
  10. [VoidEls] Treasure Chet was not?
  11. Find weapons, clothes, gloves, shoes and accessories? From [VoidEls] Treasure Chet or Dungeon?
  12. His idea is how to find articles in the Magic wardrobe. No, the Store look how? :_)
  13. Extra page would also buy? Or just some?
  14. How do you find the weapons and make a full set of Magic wardrobe