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  1. I wont mind the rng as long as they remove the yellow crap tbh lol
  2. I think the ticket for seal is fine. yeah it involves some rng in it but overall it is not a bad way to rng a gold seal
  3. I think they rush 2.6 because at that time there are several threads discussing(or complaining) how boring it is to log in and play the game. And thats why they launch 2.6 without any notice. jokes on our mats haha
  4. I doubt if the compensation will be fair for everyone. Most likely it will just be a run xx dungeon for xx reward for every single one "Yeah I delete your stuff now work your ass like others to get the COMPENSATION"
  5. I just hope the compensation is not the reward of the summer event I srsly hope
  6. I like the apple pots only. but that is not gonna be enough for 2week's waiting... give us a reason to play plz
  7. worse. They deleted them without mentioning when 2.6 patches up
  8. week 1: delete your mats week 2: GUYS NO NEED TO WORRY THERE IS EXCHANGE hol up
  9. I think most of the -1 are because we dont want to see our stuff getting overpriced
  10. I like the idea but can't really put a +1 here, those materials are kinda fked up. Using el reward is fine but the quantity isn't right. If that so called time and space soul and sword needs 2 & 5 week to grind (2 or 5 run in henir), then the el reward should also takes only 2 or 5 weeks to make it fair. you get 2 el reward per daily and 3 per weekly, which makes a total of 17 per week, so it will be 34 for 2 week and 85 for 5 week. You can see how your quantity is flawed. I will recommand the +9 only needs 30 and +10 needs 75~80 el reward; they can be achieved together with the souls and swords, and it gives you room of flexible, in case you are busy on one day and cannot do the daily, or let the newbies save up the remaining el wards for GoSCS. And for the heroic materials, I will lower them to 30 and 60 respectively, same reason as the el rewards just to make it less...stressful. I'm a bit confused why the powder is on the crafting list again but meh idc about those; the crafting ed for +10 can be higher since 500m is a little bit too low imo, I will craft it even if it need 700m. Forgive me I got an F in art.
  11. less crap post like this I mean there is already a very similar post on the same page
  12. don't think it will happen but still +1
  13. you mean you cant tell what is B> and what is S> ?
  14. I thought crafting is cheaper? even including the material cost
  15. Shaviana Shaviana no wonder ppl sell ec like crazy these days