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  1. Thanks void staff for giving me another month to play mhw Best update of the bestest
  2. not liking the set is not a reason to -1 but liking the set is a reason to +1? doesnt really make sense tbh Also it would be nice to also suggest the way to obtain the set, like from ed burner or exchange etc.
  3. wow whoever voted -1 will be tagged?
  4. which font will make l and I looks different alot? nvm just spot it, +1 for me
  5. 3 run for a cube that 100% give you a mystic stone is already awesome.
  6. guess less than 1000 without event every channel is green
  7. Is it implemented from today? Can we have a little icon on the top like the event buff so that we know what we are having?
  8. I always wonder why is Altera the best to level up TH. What makes it so good? The length of the SD?
  9. would be nice if they add enchant stone into the event like: 3x shells: 5x sage stones or 5x twitsed sage stone (untradable, bank shareable) 10x shell: 3 red/blue/yellow refined mystic stone or 1 giant refined stone (untradable bank shareable) these are items that you will need a lot when you try to best performance your gear and foj, and making them untradable it wont damage the market alot.
  10. woah amazing magic.....I expect nothing and I still feel disappointed
  11. I still use the commons/refined mystic stones on my alt because why not? They still give nice status but just at a lower chance. The concept for the suggestion is understandable but the crafting fee and such are just too unattractive. It's like suggesting 1000 magic stone and refined magic stone+100k fee for a sage stone to "make them more useful and have a better use". Just no one is gonna do it..
  12. I also play Luciel and ara but luckily dont have your kind of problem. At the end of the day you still get gauge by using skills, popping those potions give you gauge but you still have to wait for the cd isn't it? I never get into a situation that I have my cd but dont have my gauge...always the other way round. And also I think its not a good idea to start a thread without having a "specific idea on what I am trying to suggest". At least suggest sth and make a pool so others can vote can react maybe?
  13. If so I'll just spam as many account as possible +9~11 for 28 day not bad huh? just use it on elrianode gloves or sth and bang! profit? -1 for sure And btw you say "return the Daily reward" does it mean void has it before?