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  1. Hello and welcome to Void Len ^_^ !
  2. Ello and welcome to Void! I hope ya enjoy yourself. And like Fey said we are not sure when that path will be released here but should be soon.
  3. Welcome back! Hope your enjoy yourself. I look forward to seeing you around~
  4. Thank you so much! Oh and I believe you missed @Biscu application. Not being rude just wanted to point it out just in case it was overlooked.
  5. Hiya, sadly I need to head to bed right now it's almost 3am for me. When I am online later, will it be okay to quote you here?
  6. What a lovely looking guild!! Your Name: SophieIGN: ChelMain or Alt?: Alt until I get decent gear for themAge & Timezone (optional): 19&ESTAbout you: I'm random and a bit crazy. But very lovable I guess i'm a cat pretty much!Why would chu like to join?: Recommended here by @Ladyy. Looking for a really nice guild i can call home and make some friends in.