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  1. Welcome to void!~ Don't worry about not socializing too much, many people don't do that at first! Tbh it took me a whole year to even make an intro on the forums vfuidjvnfdvijfdvvdfjvnsfdjsv Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay on the server!~ ^^
  2. Is there really only 1-2 viable combos Add can use in pvp or do the majority of Add players in pvp just lack a brain? Originally this was more geared towards MPx but now that I think about it, it really feels like every Add class the players only use one combo or two combos and it's annoying it just feels so boring to fight against. "Combos" used lightly since it's barely a combo it's just an endless loop, which honestly just makes it even more boring to fight against.
  3. I normally don't like to deal with salt threads but man... Are pvpers playing voidels on Pluto today or what holy hell this is annoying I get like a couple good matches and then suddenly people with really really atrocious wifi just phase out of all my combos reeeeeee
  4. I don't really pvp much outside of this event but ping is only acceptable until it gets to the point where it's so high that people can start using abilities and jumping away in the middle of my combos imo
  5. For NA since I played there first, my first character was Diabolic Esper, then Code: Nemesis, then Blazing Heart, none of which capped because I was lazy lol On Void it was... Mad Paradox, Devi, and then Fatal Phantom, stuck with Fatal Phantom ever since~ ^^
  6. For me it kinda depends on what class I'm playing. I'd rather fight CS on my main because RM's magical projectile reflection is more annoying than anything CS could do for me since I have to basically change my whole playstyle to fight him, but if I'm on many other classes then I'd rather fight RM. I'd say it depends on how much the class you're playing relies on magical projectiles imo
  7. I like Void 'cause it's a lot more friendly than official servers towards my poor ass lol, among other things! ^^ When playing NA I very quickly realized that I don't have the free time to always waste almost my entire life grinding away at it, nor do I have the money to catch up with such a detrimental issue. On Void it's a lot easier for me to operate(currently +10 with almost 700k cp as opposed to barely being able to breach 180k on NA for those curious on what I mean by it being a lot easier for me to operate) despite not having all the free time in the world and being totally free to play! Being able to still be strong enough to be decent(aside from raids, R.I.P my FPS in raids lmao) despite not having any money in the game that I enjoy feels really nice to me! Not just that, but the community too! While I know I haven't seen very much of the community and I'm not very well known, what I have seen from my current guild and other guilds I was in before has been really nice! Granted there were a few exceptions, but every community has exceptions, overall I'd say the community has been really nice and enjoyable to me! Much better than the community on NA back when I played it. I've been welcomed and helped out a lot with things I didn't know about both in-game and out of the game by members of this community, and it's felt really nice to me! I've made good friends here that I wouldn't ever wanna lose, and met lots of great people here! Despite the recent flack and tension, I still really enjoy both the game and the community! ^^
  8. I'm probably late but welcome to the forums!~ ^^ I hope you enjoy your stay here! I'm Len, it's nice to meet you! ^^ If you'd like to add me as well I'm ign Experient in-game~ :D
  9. Welcome back!~ ^^
  10. Gonna have to agree with the other two here and say that this isn't a good idea imo, mainly because full +11 EtW + NL premade party sounds like the worst thing ever to go up against... :c Well not even full +11, EtW + NL premade party regardless of being full +11 or not sounds like it'd be the worst thing ever to go up against tbh
  11. ⋆IGN: Experient ⋆Languages: English ⋆Guild(s) you're in: [Hangover] ⋆Why would you like to join our discord?: I was in the discord before but I was kinda randomly kicked a while back and I'd like to rejoin the discord to make friends 'n possibly help 'n stuff! ^^ I still have no idea why I was kicked though... Regardless of whether you choose to allow me to rejoin the discord or not, could I ask what I did to get kicked if I did something wrong? I'd like to know so I don't end up doing it again! :c
  12. RS has no votes for Elboy and that's so sad :c buff RS line when LK is definitely the best pve for Elboy, though like Lylan said he does rely on Windmill like a lot so if you're not into relying on one skill a ton more than others I'd recommend giving IS a go at it even if he's technically worse than LK Can't say anything on Add since I don't know him very well :'c Optimus is definitely the best for Rose, even if Freyja might seem really good in low level dungeons with low level gear, investing into her for pve... Isn't worth it imo. ST is also pretty good for pve but not as good as Optimus I'd say
  13. That one time two months ago on my old laptop where I went into Drabaki and the game stopped responding until the boss was dead... Big oof
  14. This. They really did ruin him... :( Also as a FP main I agree with almost everything in this tier list(minus Richter), especially FP~
  15. I didn't get it until run ~392 while in a 2x drop rate event Hopefully your luck won't be as bad as mine lol