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  1. Your Name: Dy IGN: DyscloudMain or Alt?: MainAge & Timezone (optional): GMT+8About you: A passionate gamer who seeks balance between life matters, work and games! Usually silent but could be excessively talkative and crazy at times~!Why would chu like to join?: To seek positive vibes and it seems like this one fits the bill!
  2. Thanks in advance~! I'll be sure to bother you with questions xD Hi putachan~
  3. !! We have so much in common?! Looks like we can get along pretty well! (don't steal my discord qwq) Thanks for the warm welcome~! I'll be sure to bother you with Dabby questions if I do have hesitations! (And about Mari's guild, sure! I'll apply sooner or later~) Peace!
  4. Oh hey!! Now that I remembered, thanks for that CL! It eased my Els journey (Also, thanks for the welcome)
  5. Thank you, I'm looking forward to it! Thanks and no problem!! Thanks, hope we can get along! Thank you, I appreciate it! Thanks! I'm enjoying my Els journey by far, learning along as I go~
  6. Hello there! I've been playing on this server for almost a month and have been lurking in the forums so I'd figure that I should really start to introduce myself and make some friends here! I'm just your everyday casual gamer, tryhard workaholic irl. Social wise, I don't really talk much but when I do I would be excessively talkative and crazy at times (bear with me!). I'm a DyB main, currently working on her gears and I'm also working on other characters as well! My notable IGNs: Dyscloud (DyB), Dyspaire (Shakti). I do have a Discord so hmu!