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  1. I hate El's Aspiration as you get under a second to dodge every single attack and in some cases, you can't even dodge like Elesis. However... What pissed me off now is my recently level 10 BS dismantled a +10 armor for the chance of getting a +10 or at the bare minimum, +9. What do I get from the advanced dismantle? 1 Magical Crystal... 1 fucking crystal! I had better luck when I screwed up at BS 7 and got at least a scroll. Fuck off Game. Just Fuck off.
  2. HP Regen Adrian's Palace sounds like utter hell and similar with Super Armor and eternal sleep. Dekal is immune to debuffs (Hi Henir!) and Herbaon is the most buggy boss in the game where sometimes Iris In instantly triggers and now you need to dodge 40-80 lasers if he bugs out and doubles the Quadtro Plasma.
  3. KoG repeating tons and tons of things with no chance. Seriously swear last month's stage 190 was HP Regen Caluso Tribal Village and it is the same again! Unless there is 3 carries with 1.2M or more, these are not going down and since that dungeon has a whooping 6 mini-bosses... it hurts. Honestly, HP Regen on enemies in general is hell but when it's the god tier of mini-bosses (Or Herbaon) then it is a major hassle. Only thing worse is if Solace was able to be one. Then there is the Henir order where both Agate and Sdeing, especially Sdeing, have been repeated for challenge mode and I have a huge list of complaints but the main one being the absurd scaling on challenge. A tier 5 Dekal or Hennon is way worse than 2 shadow masters or Chloe and Unohound... Scaling is kinda similar with Heroics where a Heroic Unohound is not even a threat when compared to buggy Heroic Herbaon. Finally, while I love the party buff, especially solo, I feel like KoG is taking that buff in mind when doing new content and not considering people going without it or dungeons that don't allow the buff.
  4. Herbaon was buggy for me last week. Instant completion of Iris In into double Quadtro Plasma, one of which was a second behind and invisible (That was fun...) and, for whatever reason, KoG decided Challenge mode should have unnaturally high scaling as we all saw with the double Dekal's last week. Now, I can understand the scaling if the bosses got weaker as you got further but when the final boss is from Elysion/Elrianode/Varnimyr, that is a problem to the point Obezaar is the least of concerns due to having no items left by reaching him. Only fought Agate once myself so I find it infuriating trying to go against him and he still uses his mana absorption attack, even when fatigued yet others say he shouldn't when he is fatigued and of course, the majority of people who say that also say if you can't beat Henir at 500K then there is something wrong which just annoys me to no end. Furthermore, even Korean's with +11 weapon, Head Hunter (Unique) and Fully prepared +10 Elrianode gear struggled on new Henir's release yet people seem to forget about that. Still surprises me to see sub 2/3 minute runs though...
  5. I really hate the new Henir being solo only and yet people will criticize people who can't beat it at 500K or above despite not considering not everyone has Elite/Unique HH and so on and so forth. Doesn't help some bosses are above the minimum CP requirements to even enter Henir which is also BS (Hi Agate!)
  6. Typica


    I just hope for a better Henir order than the current one at the time of this posting. Double Dekal is harder than Obezaar which, you know, kinda a problem.
  7. When someone with the 12-7 elite title (One with all other raid titles), leeches in Water Dragon Sanctum, it is just depressing. Seriously, you are that geared to be able to do Raid and I assume with FoJ yet you decide "Nah, Imma sit on this mount and not even auto attack!" Seriously seen level 70 Iron Paladin's put in more effort in Secret Dungeons with 3 Sariel's obliterating all the mobs.
  8. People are really desperate due to the Shaviana Truffle prices (Seriously, Eve's Weapon alone went from 1B to 2B. Glad I got mine on the cheaper end now). It isn't too surprising a lot of people are getting greedy with EC prices. I do feel the rate will linger at 12/13:100 EC for a while after ST is gone but should slowly drop down. Then again... the summer event is around the corner.
  9. I feel Herbaon is one of the more, if not, the most buggiest boss in the game. In challenge mode, I've had him instantly active Quadtro Plasma in Challenge. He also had 2 separate Quadtro Plasma's firing at the same time (and those things HURT!) and of course, unable to break Iris In whenever he doesn't instantly trigger it. Oh and, sometimes he uses Iris In before suddenly teleporting to the top left or right like... why? I also made my point on the double Dekal's with the immunity to all debuffs and insane tankiness already with Head Hunter being useless due to the mini-boss one.
  10. Wasn't the screenshot during the Agate Week? Shadow Master is so much easier compared to Dekal.
  11. Lets run down the problems of Stage 5 Challenge (Around 660K CP myself). This week only 7-13 of June. 2 Dekal's. 1 boss and 1 mini-boss. Head hunter is useless. The Dekal's are immune to both water and wind orbs which even Obezaar isn't. The Dekal's are way too tanky, even tankier than Obezaar! Both have a guaranteed instant kill move. Mini-boss with a suction attack and the boss with a screen nuke. If both use these abilities at once... you are not living. Reminder... apparently meant to be possible with 150,000 CP...
  12. Maybe one of the new quests is for running 1 of each SD since I feel like certain ones are neglected (Hamel/Lanox) compared to others (Bethma/Altera!)
  13. I wonder if the change where IB parts are now in cubes like LAG is or not. If it is in cubes then ST will be even cheaper than people suspect.
  14. This is an infrequent one but Boss deaths taking far too long and forcing you to just miss out on a timed bonus mission. Beat 12-4 within 5 minutes. Off by 1 second because Nephilim Lord decided he wanted to waste 15 seconds dying before the end results screen. Scar is bad as well with 10 seconds... just ridiculous. Actually, the delay for bosses to end screen or transition is bad in general, especially in Henir.
  15. Managed to get 0:58 with Sariel today! Now I got the achievement, I don't need to worry about the time I beat it in.