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  1. Getting disconnected mid run is never fun but when it disconnects me after a boss is dead and doesn't let me collect the loot that contains the Demonic Vine Crown I've been brutally trying to get... it really pisses me off! By the way, Sentient Guardian is easily the worst boss in the entire game! Yep, and that's not even the boss of the dungeon! Incredibly difficult to dodge attacks, unnaturally high damage and is paired up with the chasers who just love to make Solace look like Mars from Ruben! Just... owed a Demonic Vine Crown game...
  2. IGN: TypicaMain or Alt: TypicaPrevious Guild: ClassyBaseReason for Joining Us: Looking for a new guild, one that is simply more active!Preferred Time for Recruitment (Include Timezone): Whenever it is possible. Applied via Myu as well.
  3. Struggling with getting SS for El Tower Defense, Adrian's Palace, Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land, Heart of the Behemoth. Majority are heavily time restricted on titles too so I don't think I'll be able to get them anytime soon. Heart of the Behemoth is also a duo with speed and no hits taken.
  4. Thanks to you two and yeah, the ban about two or three years ago led me to a hiatus but I came back and promised not to do raid until I get better PC.
  5. +1000! Nothing feels worse than needing to do so much before you can finally see the title you've been working towards.
  6. Hiya all! Been playing the game for a good year now but on and off for multiple reasons. Just recently returned and had a good string of luck with Elite Hyper Acceleration dropping. I'm an Eve main, more specifically Sariel who I've loved since I first played her for her clears, even when she wasn't as good. If I had to describe myself in two words, that would be a title hunter. I love going for titles and are the main reason I can sink so much time into the game but it is a shame they can't be shared between characters like the Elrianode gear. SO ---> DISAPPOINTING As for raids, I will never do them until I get a better PC since I've actually been banned for one raid run where I barely did anything a few years back because of the PC I used (and still using). Anyway! Not using this much other than the occasional post!