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  1. Scientist


    Sounds like you can't afford decent catering.
  2. This entire thread is completely retarded.
  3. Scientist

    The server is growing.

    Rest in pieces.
  4. Scientist

    Is Wind Wall great? (Grand Archer)

    In PvE? No, not really. Just stick with stigma and freezing arrow.
  5. Scientist

    Sup worm food.

    Filthy magic eaters.
  6. Scientist

    Sup worm food.

    You're an alright guy.
  7. Scientist

    Difference between void and NA

    It's still the same terrible game you don't know why you're still playing after all these years.
  8. Scientist

    Void server bugging?

  9. Scientist

    remove SD from game

    Yes, great idea. Purge the cancer before it spreads.
  10. Scientist

    I really can't stand aishas.

    Void PvP
  11. Scientist

    Keeping calm is impossible

    You realize the exact same thing happens on their end too, right?
  12. Scientist

    How can i get ( Master Symbol )

    No one really knows yet.
  13. Scientist

    Update Failed ERR_CODE : 02

    I've got this error multiple times, just keep relaunching, your game will eventually work.
  14. Scientist

    can't use potion

    Did you try drinking it.
  15. Scientist

    Tips on staying focused.

    Given you're switching to CN, you may be a masochist. In that case, continue on with the suffering.