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  1. aspara reboot looks neat
  2. now that you mention that, they did do PD/r in IB when in NA that was like an IM set so they may do this with braf
  3. highest level I got to in NA was 57. it was so boring and tedious that i literally NEVER capped there. bye NA
  4. you sarcastically thanked me and called me stupid, and I'm pressed? you're delusional @Structure @Xera @Shiryelle @PhysicsTM what are your thoughts on this guy calling people that down vote his suggestion "niggas"?
  5. and the suns out when its night time dumbass
  6. your thread literally says next ed rotation? fucking clown
  7. Paple

    Bring back IW

    resurrecting this
  8. no, only because i'd like to see illusionary wyvern return
  9. Is there even a high demand for old IBs to be rotated? I feel like there are a few people who want x IB piece from a set that hasn't been rotated in a while but apart from that i dont regularly see people complaining about a certain ib not having made a comeback in a while as for idea #3 thats custom content so no
  10. welcome to forums
  11. aisha because that was 1 of the only 3 characters available and ofc i wasn't going to even touch rena
  12. what i mean by that is.... the "new" account you make will go unused once you're unbanned so it was pointless progression
  13. for all of you suggesting he make a new account to play on while he's banned, you sound retarded. it makes no sense to make a new account to play on while you wait for your banned account because that account just inevitably ends up trashed once you're unbanned while i don't think the auto-ban system should be removed, i think it should be fixed so that not so many innocents are getting banned. it's obviously an issue