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  1. Fuck me, pretty scared now. Just did like 5 Elrianode City runs. Don't want to get banned when the event stuff is going on, that would suck ass, even when you probably get unbanned.
  2. What's the point of an "event" if you are still able to get the stuff even when it's over? Plus, when he patricipated and never got the reward, he should have reported it right away. Now it's way too late I guess.
  3. EtW is the easiest Laby imo, so yeah. When you want to be a dirty bandwagoner, go for it. One of the strongest classes that ever got released, if not the strongest. "Worth" is such a word. I mean, you are basically grinding (if you are not paying your way to the top, even tho Void is more pay-2-progress/convenience than pay-2-win unlike the official servers) just to grind even more when you are PvE only. Most people nowadays are PvE only, so apparently Arena and stuff is pretty dead. Leveling a character is not a huge commitment on Void, so I would just try it out to see if you still enjoy the way Elsword is. Summer event is coming pretty soon too, so it's a good time to start. Stuff to grind for, more players online.
  4. I don't think that it really matters at this point, especially on Void. Fields are not worth it anyway since a long long time. They are still in the gamefiles tho, you can see that when you logged out with a character there back then. You are still spawning there. Kinda scary to be on a super dead field. No wonder this games performance is so bad.
  5. +1 to both. +10 is not a big deal anymore these days. It is basically required to get kinda into endgame.
  6. Probably a "collect this and that in dungeons and exchange it for amulets/force skills". Not that it's a bad thing, it's literally impossible for Void to do really big custom events.
  7. KOG employees should be forced to clear this with 150k CP. I'm pretty sure they didn't even test it.
  8. I don't really get this restriction too tbh. Imo NL + CEs is almost as cancer as double NL or whatever.
  9. why is it so hard to press esc for some people
  10. how much cp should you have to start farming for el tears? is a +9 void and a decent heroic set enough to be not completely useless?
  11. Isn't anniversary soon? I'm already fine with a decent event there. No need to rush 2.6 when it's not ready.
  12. Is this still worth it as a budget title these days? I guess not really. I just remembered the first time I got that one back then with my VP. Proud af.
  13. Didn't KoG release the chances of getting a item from IB themselves? Heard something like that. Anyway, when it's easily possible, why not, but it's kinda useless too. RNG will always be RNG.
  14. Heya, Uh, sorry for posting it here, but there's not really a better place for that unfortunately. I'm planning to load up a bit for the first time, wanted to ask which stuff is the most important to buy here. I already heard bank space and maybe inventory space.