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  1. +1 to both. +10 is not a big deal anymore these days. It is basically required to get kinda into endgame.
  2. Probably a "collect this and that in dungeons and exchange it for amulets/force skills". Not that it's a bad thing, it's literally impossible for Void to do really big custom events.
  3. KOG employees should be forced to clear this with 150k CP. I'm pretty sure they didn't even test it.
  4. I don't really get this restriction too tbh. Imo NL + CEs is almost as cancer as double NL or whatever.
  5. why is it so hard to press esc for some people
  6. Isn't anniversary soon? I'm already fine with a decent event there. No need to rush 2.6 when it's not ready.
  7. Didn't KoG release the chances of getting a item from IB themselves? Heard something like that. Anyway, when it's easily possible, why not, but it's kinda useless too. RNG will always be RNG.
  8. TFW you can't decide if DB is cool or sexy and you just want to put him everywhere.. Rest is fine imo.
  9. Give BQ and FL Rushing Sword back, seriously. I miss it so much on them. It got nerfed so many times now too.
  10. +1 You basically need to run a useless dungeon and GoC messes with your CR really bad. No reason that it should stay that way.
  11. +1 Plus I think this should be the case with character/class related stuff too. Like - Class guides - Aisha guides - Aisha questions or something like that.
  12. Recently had a heroics run with someone that was just standing in the corner and doing nothing at all. I asked them why they do this and their answer was "I want to get my mission", because there was a "Take under blabla hits" mission with 300% EXP. That is fine with a carry, but we were all undergeared. Just selfish BS. Well, I'm a idiot since this is about Raid/Henir only lmao. But had enough henir leechers too.
  13. Most people can't play Laby at all apparently. Stop launching the mobs constantly ffs..
  14. TW: She's not that bad as some people pretend she is, but when Karma and Fatality are on CD, you are basically useless. Just balance her out a bit, buff Call of Ruin for example.