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  1. you got banned from a 'false' report, your lack of evidence (like my lack of evidence back then) just made us look guilty hey, as long as you have other things to do and not hooked on this game, do them i tried quitting after getting banned but returned 2-3 days later because of addiction lol
  2. lower cost, like 10m and maybe 3 el rewards
  3. do you have all the graphics settings to low? that's how i get some fps on el city but in drabaki, that doesnt help sometimes, i havent even tried raid people usually report the whole team if there's a hacker, and if you got reported and if you dont have any proof/video of what's happening, you wont be able to prove your innocence, i mean if you dont even have the names of the ones you're accusing of hacking, you'd look guilty here i suggest a video recording because you need hard evidence to prove you're innocent or prove someone's a hacker
  4. i also got banned doing el city, i let a hacker do all the work and killed all the mobs, including the ones on my side using a tool of some kind i was told that if you notice anything suspicious (enemies dying without any reason, so far i havent encountered anyone doing so much damage that triggers a macblock) also, you said in another thread that a laby dealt 16b damage?? then who was the third player during the dungeon? did the player quit and reported both of you, or do you think you 3 got macblocked record a video (a screenshot wont mean shit unless you just need to identify someone or a chat log), do not finish the dungeon, and report the event immediately
  5. no swimsuit Laby, no cute maid Laby there better be a cute witch/santa's helper Laby
  6. we may get the same reboot, after all, some got good buffs and people would be furious if we get a 'reboot/update' that doesnt include them ps no eta
  7. @Structure thread close request :)
  8. thanks! i was feeling guilty doing it over and over and waiting for some shard's prices to go up
  9. i feel like im reporting myself saying this but i noticed that you can dismantle the 'free' costume on a new character for 100+ el shards, is this like a legit way of gathering/selling shards? also is there a reason why laby's velder one piece costume is not banksharable?
  10. you cant use reset scrolls on tears really? then that guy must have been really lucky like way too lucky also, i'd like to add on topic, high level dungeon farming could also give lots of exp, while farming sanctum / 12-2 for accessories and seashells last event, i got to 170 erp and now i could easyly do those dungeons with erp exp boost too
  11. i farm for accessories now, i never would have made about 3b ed if i relied on story quest ed, and i havent had much luck with those gambling chests also, did anyone see that one guy selling a bunch of 5*enhancement / critical damage +3 tears?? i dont believe anyone has that much luck on random tear drops, and maybe they used a bunch of reset scrolls on unique tears?
  12. would have loved farming solace for the title too but add's dungeon + event drop + energy shards is way too efficient to pass up
  13. i say those are better odds than waiting for specific tear types, it's annoying to get unique/elite purple destruction tears