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  1. Hello! Nice to meet you :3 Hope you will have a great time with game and us on forum uwu Anyway, if you sometimes want to talk in Polsih feel free to write to me 'u' or in english too. have fun !
  2. As i checked here Nope
  3. yeah im pretty sure it's xigncode :< Servers are in Europe, but i see a lot of people from asia here, so it cant be that bad with ping i guess.
  4. Secret Grand Cavern is one of the best to go with not that good gear in my opinion. Its okay and gives more money than Dragon Nest. For more... i think that you can go Elrianode Hall of El / Water Dragon Sanctum. Also one of the best way is doing story quests from Lanox to Elrianode. +1kk per mission.
  5. Yeah, wardrobe is best to check out how sets looks like on your character, combinations and making fashion ~
  6. Hi there, welcome back :3
  7. Hi there Chiro, im Sayuru ! Welcome to the Void Elsword server, hope you will have a wonderful time with us! I think that you should give a try Aether Sage. At the beginning you need to farm a lot, and shes propably best Aisha for clearing dungeons uwu As i heard she also dont need very good gear at the beginning but shes still powerful.
  8. ohmygod we are in the same age uwu So hello there, I hope you will have a good time with us Echo!
  9. Well.. No event b-but - Cool, i was never able to get Animation Costume ;u; <3
  10. Hi there and welcome back :3 Hope you will have a good time with elsword again ! uwu // yeah Skyrim is sucha good game :'D