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  1. Your Name: Amanda IGN: Shinkaru Main or Alt?: Main Age & Timezone (optional): 23 years old, GMT -3 About you: I'm pretty new to Elsword in general.. I've been dragged to the game by a friend, was told a few things to do, given mediocre advice then abandoned, which led me to quit the game for a few months. I joined at.. Maybe August of last year, and returned about 14 days ago. At first I absolutely despised the game, wasn't what I was looking for, but eventually I started liking more and more, realizing I judged wrong, and quit other games to play this. I really enjoy farming, I enjoy grinding, and spending a lot of time hating myself doing dungeons over and over again. I'm pretty shy around new people, I don't speak first unless talked to, but once I start opening myself, and being more like I actually am, I show myself off energized and happy at all times, no matter what kind of situation I am in. Why would chu like to join?: Well, my last guild was pretty.. Dead, nobody logged in, I knew nobody (Since it was the same guild the person who invited me to the game in the first place was in) and I think it's kinda lame to play the game alone, specially a grind game. So maybe, if I'm allowed to join, I'll have more company and start enjoying the game better than I can now. I believe that Elsword is less tedious to grind if you have people messing around, making you laugh and smile at the silliness, so I thought, why not?