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  1. 0w0~ A returning player! Welcome back to Void Elsword, It's such lovely news that an old player is revisiting :D there are lots of changes and you should experience it~
  2. Personally, Elrios Bay is the 1st event I've experienced in my whole VoidEls timeline, back when I was an Elsword NA player, the events were not too amusing for me. I know I know, I should be thankful, but my suggestion, the event should be fun-filled with all the joy and free items that can help returning players and new players to persuade them to play Elsword again.
  3. Awhh... i understood, you're leaving because you don't feel like playing it, and the amount of toxicity in the community. Hope you're doing great with your new activity :D thank you for everything,
  4. Contest: Void ArtistTheme: Dream Ice BurnerDescription: Draw a member of the Elgang wearing your own custom Ice BurnerAdditional Details: -