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  1. You can seal them. They don't come sealed, but the seal count reduction upon upgrading applies to them like how it applies on Ereda accessories etc. They can't be bankshared because they can't be bankshared on official either. I think there's a thread on Suggestions petitioning otherwise.
  2. You talk like the rewards are better in KR/NA than in Void. In fact, it's the opposite right now. You're just lazy. '_>'
  3. Then people in Void don't commit enough. This hasn't been a problem in other servers I've been in. '_>' Complacency about handouts and expecting staff to put in more rewards for an amount of work that other people already do.
  4. The point of putting rewards into unplayed content is to make people play them. '_>'
  5. Your Name: SeptemberIGN: I'll join on MintChipsMain or Alt?: AltAge & Timezone (optional): Ancient, i'm also GMT +8About you: Washed up and tired Why would chu like to join?: I'm here to stan sant (how do i change font on this thing help me)
  6. Not bad considering Richter's attack power starts at 40% of his actual output at the start of the dungeon. My under 1min clear was with a +11 void wep so rip kek
  7. I laughed at the thread title, it's good. RE: Class picking: Bluhen can be a dps, it just takes some adjustment/most people are too used to the support-only playstyle. Richter is good for beginners as he can cap easily with low gear. Herrscher has the highest dps ceiling, but he requires a lot a lot of funding, so I wouldn't recommend him for a beginner.
  8. +1 for some additional interesting gimmick to the event. Make it less boring.
  9. -1. Requirements have been nerfed a lot here with banksharable rewards and rewards in treasure burner.
  10. Why are there no simple/minor events? I understand you guys are a private server, but simple weekly or biweekly events like 'do x amount of dungeons for some small reward' would keep the community motivated. It can be small stuff like pots, sage stones, twisted time and keys, or enough ED to open 5 treasure chests. KOG has already set the bar pretty low, but this expression of effort would certainly make you seem better than them. More people playing = more profit. Easy to see.
  11. -1. Learn your class/bring appropriate classes to this stage and you'll be able to clear. I think the point of having GE is to hone your skills. Without a challenge, it's not worth its salt (so to speak)
  12. Considering that highest raid bars in NA dropped weapon after about 100-150 gauntlet clears, 1k is too many. 500 is more realistic. FoJ can be wardrobed. It looks ugly anyway but that's just my opinion
  13. Keep Ain. Ciel is a lot cheaper than Ain (half the price of weapon rn.) Also post in General Discussion next time, this is the wrong place to post questions.