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  1. no pls Welcome to Void nonetheless
  2. I'm at 450k CP with my ES, 520k with BQ (+9 Void Weapon) and I've never done Raid nor will I try it in the near future unless I'm able to miraculously push my weap to +11 (that is to say, never) - Raid seems to be too much of a dedication and that you have to know the exact pattern so you wont bring your whole team down, it's way too stressfull for me. I wouldn't want to get flamed because I was useless during the whole fight xD So for now I have to stick to Elrianode + Varni's casual dungeons (f u 12-8) I really hope the next regions wouldn't be even harder than Varnimyr but hey, since it's Kog, I wouldn't bet anything on it.
  3. Hello, If I remember well, people usually starts doing story quest from lanox until the end (Elrianode atm) as they are pretty worth in terms of raw ED gain EDIT : From Lanox til Varnimyr, my bad
  4. I believe it's a glitch whenever you job change, but am unsure ..
  5. Road to +10 ammy now I guess  :syobonyanTeehee:

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    2. Mystel


      You gotta pray for dem sweet +10 event ammy :PepsiThumbsup:

    3. CozyKitsune



      are you an emmpire sword main?


    4. Mystel


      I'm BQ main although I wanna try again ES and FL once I've got enough fund for Elria gears + ok titles 

  6. nice meme haha I just grind the shit of this game until I die of fatigue and then revive the next day so I can do the same again and again. Playing music or video in background might help I guess
  7. void ? more like "Laby" I guess but uh people are mostly waiting for the summer event so uh... yeet EDIT : Oh and people are licking Shaviana IB's feets as well cuz it's the most meta IB now alongisde CL (I guess it's a mixture with Raid acc, Shaviana 3/3 and CL 2/2 or sthg like that)
  8. That's where the grindfest begins. Start farming SD so you can grab some potent Heroic gears and once you're ready, go grind the shit out of 11-4 Try doing all your dailies (as mentioned above, mostly SD, Heroic, Elrianode and Add Theory)
  9. It's all about RNG, so nobody really knows I guess
  10. +9 ammy, comestic thingies, +10 ammy (pls do)