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  1. no pls Welcome to Void nonetheless
  2. I'm at 450k CP with my ES, 520k with BQ (+9 Void Weapon) and I've never done Raid nor will I try it in the near future unless I'm able to miraculously push my weap to +11 (that is to say, never) - Raid seems to be too much of a dedication and that you have to know the exact pattern so you wont bring your whole team down, it's way too stressfull for me. I wouldn't want to get flamed because I was useless during the whole fight xD So for now I have to stick to Elrianode + Varni's casual dungeons (f u 12-8) I really hope the next regions wouldn't be even harder than Varnimyr but hey, since it's Kog, I wouldn't bet anything on it.
  3. Road to +10 ammy now I guess  :syobonyanTeehee:

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    2. Singasteinn


      You gotta pray for dem sweet +10 event ammy :PepsiThumbsup:

    3. CozyKitsune



      are you an emmpire sword main?


    4. Singasteinn


      I'm BQ main although I wanna try again ES and FL once I've got enough fund for Elria gears + ok titles 

  4. +9 ammy, comestic thingies, +10 ammy (pls do)