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  1. idk but leveling guilds sure takes longer we only went up 10% SINCE event ended due to inactivity
  2. eclipse or flower title for life insurance
  3. the remake was weird my question is when do we get april fools event we missed like 3 or 4 years of @pril fools events
  4. Come back when you hve evidence to support your claims and better points I am going to destroy you with facts right now Without leaderboards there is no way to keep track of the guilds and guess what hackers exist(there was a german 1 recently caught in pvp he was not auto banned by voids anti hack system) he ended up on leaderboards all a hacking guild would hve to do is lobby up the person who does not want banned leaves the hacker solos the dungeon and bam easy herbeon easy 1st place with no leaderboards they would never find out.
  5. In case you can't read I suggest you read what amaros said
  6. you can say you got it in june but if you don't have video evidence of it your words mean nothing I have evidence that board is bugged in the present so nothing you say holds any weight
  7. wHERE IS YOUR PROOF? youre a fucking liar if you don't have proof How do we know you are not another stuck up bitch guild who got it early?who just doesnt want it to be distributed fairly while its buggedyou see this? nobody can keep track of who is ahead or not so when we got to stage 80 in less then a week we got no rewards and were clueless on who beat us to stage 80 why? because its bugged
  8. Dude its broken nobody can get it I only brought up the once a month thing because while its broken noboDy else can get it and were wAsting months of our lives doing expedition getting to stage 200 with no prize There is only 3 guilds with greed banner because "broken" everything broke after achievements broke nobody cAn get these rewards and we should not have to bust our asses in expedition every month waiting for void to fix it
  9. No its bugged right now no guild can obtain anything not even achievements for reaching stages 50 100 150 200 I made this suggestion because only one guild can obtain per month and since its bugged you my as well sell it at myu so people dont have to wait 4ever to get it We should of made this suggestion after guild banner achievement got bugged