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  1. if you play the right minigame, you can literally just afk doesn't even matter if you do anything, as long as you don't die and the timer can run out, you get a shell. Would be cooler if you could get more shells from actually completing the event dungeons properly (you know, how they're supposed to work...), because that'd make them the most efficient way to farm them without giving anything in addition (no EXP, no drops, nothing). ETD gives 1 shell per minute if you have a decent party, plus Tear drops and a chance for Mod Books/Forces, and you definitely don't need to be geared for that either. Could afk and let others do it for you.
  2. Not thread creator, but I wanted to give my two cents: Assume we have the following buffs available: All SDs open - No/1 Ticket Elrianode - +10%(?%) Physical/Magical Attack - 100% Random Missions - No Ticket Heroics - Extra EXP (any%) - Double Title Count - Fusion Theory Droprate Increase (All I can remember atm, sorry-) I'd suggest that we combine certain buffs. For instance, you'd want 100% Random Missions and extra EXP together as you'll focus ERP farming. All SDs open, Fusion Droprate and Free Heroics would help newbies a lot more, and Treasure Hunters could level in Altera all week, carrying those new people. Lastly, combining the Elrianode ticket buff and Double Title Count one. This would encourage ETD and PTH title farming, providing more El Tears as well. In turn, however, the double title count may make people quit farming ETD sooner and make them move to other dungeons worth farming titles for (12-2 for the Vine Crown+Forginay's Fruit title), or even 12-5's raid title. That would then avoid completely crashing the El Tear market every other week. I'm unsure if this would be bad for the economy's health, though. tl;dr EXP Week - 100% Random Missions + Any% extra EXP Newbie Week - All SDs open + Free Heroic Entry + Fusion Theory Droprate Increase Power-up Week - No/1 Ticket Elrianode + Double Title Count names are just examples dont hurt me If it would be too op to combine buffs like that, I'd at least suggest to keep them in categories that you swap between - it can be very tiring for endgame players to grind EXP one week, then titles, then ETD for tears. I'd recommend one week focused on endgame, then one on newer players, and so on. There is also the option to nerf certain buffs or make them rotate less than others - I'd argue that having free heroics impacts the economy so little you might as well make them free forever, same with SDs - but I do understand that having ETD as a free farming place every other week will demolish El Tear prices.
  3. My observations have concluded that this is indeed a duck. Think I've seen somebody sell the IGN Quack here on forums...
  4. Amon's/Geb's has been particularly useful to me in Henir (due to it being able to be used along with Newts), so I don't think it should be removed. I don't believe anything should be removed; it may have a use at a later point and harms nobody by staying. I like the Treasure Hunter idea in particular, that exchange is useless for most of us anyway, but I'd +1 all of it.
  5. Title, kinda simple. I've noticed that pinning threads isn't really that much of a thing anymore. Both in the class guides section and the general guides one, as a matter of fact. I understand not everything can be pinned, but it's incredibly tedious to bump every guide I've made every other day just so it doesn't leave front page/can't get necro'd. If, for some reason, it is not possible to pin multiple guides in the general guides section, at least mention them in a collective guide thread and make them immune to necroposting. Alternatively, just consider Flannel's suggestion for necroposting rule changes. For class guides, I don't see why you wouldn't pin a complete guide. They used to be pinned in the past, but it just kinda stopped, despite good feedback. Can we get that back? Is there some magical words we gotta say to get something pinned? Would be cool to get some feedback on this.
  6. Exploring the beach with Nisha! "There are all these cute little shells in the sand... ah, Nisha, what are you looking at?" IGN: Somni Item list:
  7. As somebody who can't consistently raid due to my fps, this would be a suitable alternative. Waaay more tedious than just doing raid, but if it's my only choice, then that at least gives me a choice and a way to work towards it without being a burden on a party.
  8. The amount of amazing people I've found here is surprising. A lot of shit lives in here as well, of course, but the good people really outshine them (+ the bad ones are just children who don't know any better and can't control their emotions). I've made a lot of great friends here compared to any other game I've played. Void is also... well, incredibly easy. I've begun to seriously document how fast I make ED/gear up since my last new start, and at this point, I can't understand anybody who says things are hard to farm for. Especially considering the event atm.
  9. That's just an image- Our link is in our ingame guild message, as it states below the image. You're free to join through that ingame, though, and I can pop you an invite if you're online atm!
  10. There is no Discord link, though. What kind of link are you trying to use?
  11. I'm positively surprised by the replies from staff; mainly due to how they don't sound like they're forcibly withholding any information regarding the subject they were asked about. I do wish this would have happened sooner with anyone that wasn't Yata, but it is still a positive change nonetheless. Hopefully the little positive feedback they're getting from it is visible enough for them to continue - this is what we wanted when we asked for more "transparency", although "communication" alone may fit this better now. Hopefully everyone can take their first step towards a bit more trust between community and staff. For staff, it's relaying information and communicating better, and for the community, that would be being considerate of the choices staff makes and really thinking about why they are making them. I have personally seen the kind of fuckups staff can make; it's not pleasant and unacceptable that it did happen, but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt at this point and assume it was an honest mistake rather than a malicious one. On the same page, we have accused staff of a lot of shit that was incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things, such as banning a lot of players for the server's safety and only manually looking into Lilu's ban and getting upset about that, but then completely leaving out that the other innocent people were also unbanned at a later date. I believe in a lot of cases, perspective and information is lacking. People accuse others without knowing even half the story, and unfortunately staff has rarely told the rest of the story publicly, making it even easier to hop on the assumption bandwagon. I do hope that eventually settles down, along with staff providing us the communication needed to shut down any rumour that may be untrue. Finally, I also want to add that I do not intend on whiteknighting staff as others have done in the past. Specifically those that glorify staff in every large version update/event discussion thread, like pushing out content after a 3-month drought is such a gracious and generous thing to do. Apparently this needed to be said, since saying something positive about staff after they unbanned my friend is seen as asskissing or something like that. They merely did their job (2 ban appeals late, unfortunately). I have my opinions of staff as staff has their opinions on the community, but I think it's about time we put the pitchforks back and see what can be done without immediately jumping the gun on every tiny rumour.
  12. Wubwub, all accepted~ If you're still here I'll invite you uvu
  13. Somni


    Oo, I'm a slow typer- I would just copy paste the same reply there, so I won't post the same stuff again, but the offer still stands ofc!