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  1. Ara as Germany! When you think of Germany, what comes to mind? Maybe it's just the flag colours - black, red and gold? Maybe it's the beautiful mountains with their untouched wildlife? Perhaps you remember the old fairytales of the Grimm brothers that originated here? Or you know of southern Germany's traditional clothing, with cute dresses that can make any girl look stunning? Regardless of which of these you know, Ara has dressed up for the occasion and included a little piece of everything in her outfit! IGN: Yummy Items used + Additional Screenshot + Reference:
  2. [IGN]: Yummy [Ran's Items]: #3, #5 [Lilu's Items]: #9, #12 [PhysicsTM's Items] #1, #2 [Shiryelle's Items] #4, #11 [Structure's Items] #7, #8 [Xera's Items] #6, #10
  3. Given how ancient the set is/looks, it's very unlikely we'll get it, ever. Mostly due to the fact that no other chars seem to have it (the models are old as fuck).
  4. yeah that wasn't what I meant to begin with : I I don't agree or disagree with +12, I disagree with our raid being "unbearable"
  5. Their "best" gear is better, but our accessibility is much more bearable. A lot more people here can freely enter raid, whereas in officials, you have to be quite high in gear to even be considered. Wouldn't you want more people to have a shot at it rather than only those who either invest a lot of time grinding or cash their way in?
  6. Guild expo requires you to play with guildies assuming you run past the solo stages. The event encourages it, it doesn't force it. And well, no. People shouldn't "have to" have the option, because events aren't there for catering to your every need. You either farm shards/weps in Fusion, or you farm the event cubes anywhere else. The amount of cubes is just based on where you can already farm. Yes, 12-8 is possible to run very quickly. Do you know the gear required to do this? It is extremely high, especially with EXP setup. The people who can run it have already put the large grind behind them or are on their way through it, so the rewards they get are barely enough to sustain the shit they need to be able to afford to reach any higher point in terms of gear. 1min = 1 box is abuseable if a majority can do it, 12-8 is not the majority whereas Fusion certainly is. Even then, 12-8 almost requires at least a duo to get 2min runs consistently, so you won't solo - which is what the event is encouraging. I wouldn't complain so much about free shit if I were you.
  7. define bearable please You can have 2 dps carries and 6 supports with the bare minimum cp requirement to enter and still clear it very quickly. A full +11 party should not struggle, not at all.
  8. They already said they'd add it next week.
  9. Because you can run fusion in 1min and it's super abuseable. That aside, this is supposed to be a "guild" event, you're supposed to play with other people and not just yourself. I personally think this is a great change.
  10. you won't get guild coins/cubes either, so that's p cool
  11. don't do the exchange. you're more likely to get straight garbage than the title, and you can use the diamonds for the el sphere and potentially get it that way (or just sell them).
  12. Holy shit, 8 lines for a single sentence and it's not even relevant to what I said. For the record, yes. Our guild has done that. Without having to buy people willing to do it. I'm not sure why you're even proud of literally paying other guild's members to run for you. That's all, please stick to your current stats so you can keep getting outdamaged by a support class.