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  1. I wish they'd add it, I really wanna get those costumes and idle motions-- ;;
  2. I'm sure other people had mentioned this before, but it would be really nice to have the Elstar costumes in Void. (and their motions too, because let's be honest, everyone wants them.) I also suggest to make the Elstar costume packages obtainable through some sort of an event and buy it with ED and another item too, kind of like how you get the Sailor Swimsuit costume if you know what I mean.
  3. I've been in Void for quite a while now, but I never actually introduced myself- so hi! I'm Yuki, I'm new in Void but not in the game itself. I was in the NA server before I came here for 2 or 3 years, I think?? My main is LabyChaansu (Laby - Radiant Soul) although I have many alts that I kinda use more often for now. (you can ask me if you want their IGNs) Hope to make some friends here! ^^
  4. I was in NA at first, so Aisha was my first character. She was a Dimension Witch, but I never actually got past level 49. Then I had another Aisha as my second character, but this time she was Oz Sorcerer. And the third character I had was Ain, which was Richter. Then I came to Void, and my first character was Laby (Nisha Labyrinth). So yeah, I guess I'm still kinda new at Void. ;;