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  1. u were rude first tf anyways OT: the elrianode set bottom actually looks good so i’m gonna throw it on MW
  2. that’s why i said what’s the problem of having one of the two rotations not include laby. since there’s old sets we haven’t seen in long time all i said was the school uniform was originally an event item. shut up
  3. they were free/event items in NA which is why them being EC here is disappointing especially with 600 EC per part, whip out 3500 EC just to have all the gloves !! VAKb
  4. i’m actually kind of pissed we got a set that was free/event on NA, behind a paywall here. (the school uniform sets) also, a laby excluded ib rotation is seriously needed. stop pandering to laby's and rotate something we haven’t seen in years.
  5. oh of course! why didn’t we just think of that earlier! just a patch to stop hacking! pressing the “stop hacking” button as we speak. thanks for saving void elsword
  6. they’re nice but... new costumes/poses when
  7. this is from ElWiki ^ does this apply here in void too, do we have this feature? would appreciate a staff reply