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  1. I don't know if this has been suggested before but, I'm suggesting that mystics stones can be exchanged by FMs specially like Giant Shining ones since not all people have good RNG, 50-70 fms for Giant Shining and 10 fms for Red-Yellow shinings and 7 fms for Refined's and 5 fms for commons what u think
  2. 18 per full raid is already good enough though...
  3. that bar only resets once you get the weapon
  4. the bar is just like increasing the drop rate but its a scam
  5. you can even run 500 times on add and not even get the weapon, it all based within rng. if ur luck is good, u can get it at 20th or something early but if u have a badluck you wont get it early
  6. basically 5-6% maxi or crit per elria piece, if you want to go full CP then put Ignores Magical or Physical sockets on shoes, depends if you are a physical class or magical class and +9 4/4 is perfectly fine to reach 700k, my old aisha had LoW and EOvD with +9 gears and +10 void weap reached around 730k CP